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Exploring the way of brand global business layout, Samsung won the 2023 Effie Award in Greater China and the Silver Award in Global Scientific Management Raceway.

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Recently, the 2023 Greater China Effie International Forum & Awards ceremony with the theme of "continuous change, dare to create the Future" was held in Shanghai. The marketing case of Samsung "meeting the Art of Home" was exposed with more than 400 million activities. category search growth of 963% and diversified marketing methods, won the 2023 Greater China Effie Award Global Science track Silver Award. The Global Scientific Management track, jointly sponsored by the Effie Award and Alimama, aims to focus on the new marketing methods of scientific empowerment of global management, and to commend the constantly changing new ideas of scientific management under the digital economy. Samsung explores the possibility of brand digital science management from multiple dimensions, focuses on global marketing innovation, and explores the momentum of business change with the industry.

2023 Greater China Effie Award Global Science Management track recognition group photo

Effie Award is the largest effective marketing award in the world. it has led the global effective marketing for more than 50 years and is known as the marketing achievement symbolized by the world. As a global leader in science and technology, Samsung has not only won the favor of consumers through excellent products, but also been recognized by international authorities in the field of marketing and communication, and has become an important part of the process of building brand value and competitiveness.

The award-winning marketing event is that Samsung joined hands with "meet the Museum" IP, with "the splendor of carving-the exhibition of the Louvre printmaking workshop collection in France" as the exhibition content, and launched the "meet the Art at Home" theme activity. The event takes Samsung Lifestyle Art TV as the carrier to present famous paintings, takes the activity 3D Art Gallery and AIGC hand-painted famous paintings as the creative execution, creates offline art exhibitions, touches people who love art and home with lifelike texture, and joins online multiple social media platforms and KOL to create marketing events. Alimama UD content is used to recommend high-quality content, which quickly triggered social media hotspots in the form of offline clocking in.

The marketing case effectively builds a bridge between product concept and consumer demand, and achieves remarkable results. It not only detonates the global content position and live broadcast field, comprehensively improves the brand exposure and sales conversion efficiency, but also realizes the category breaking circle, brings the mental recognition of art TV category, and promotes the construction of product awareness and brand image construction. Samsung Art TV's core concept of "life + aesthetics" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the target people, and the decision-making priority of "Art TV = Samsung" is implanted in the hearts of the audience. Enhance the brand tonality and store water for the brand flow pool.

Samsung keenly captured the role of television in the presentation of home aesthetics, introduced art into television, and created a subdivided race track of art TV categories with both practical life and artistic beauty. In order to promote public awareness of this category, Samsung previously joined hands with the China Electronic Video Industry Association and enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industry chain to jointly promote the compilation of the country's first "Art TV basic Specification (tentative name)" group standard. the aim is to optimize the user experience and promote the healthy development of the industry by standardizing the relevant standards of art TV. For a long time, Samsung has a profound insight into consumer needs, persists in promoting contagious and creative brand creativity, and shows the public the value proposition that Samsung empowers the future human settlement needs and provides a long-term driving force for the rooted growth of life aesthetics. and influence users with the brand spirit, and create a brand culture that belongs to Samsung users.

Of course, under the new technology trend, continuous scientific and technological innovation and extreme product power are the solid foundation for Samsung to be officially recognized by consumers and Effie Awards. Samsung is based on the vision of consumers, through continuous R & D investment, to maintain the advanced nature of technology, to promote product optimization and upgrading. Behind the success of this marketing event is the strong technical empowerment of Samsung The Frame Wall painting Art TV and The Serif painting Art TV. Samsung TV has an immersive audio and picture experience, and the application of matte screen display technology has brought unprecedented changes to the visual effect of TV. this technology can minimize ambient light reflection and glare, so that users can enjoy a clear picture of the texture of the canvas under any conditions. Through the screen, the painter's brush strokes and emotional projections are shown incisively and vividly, and the collision between art and culture for hundreds of years is revealed in front of our eyes, helping consumers to achieve high-quality aesthetic life.

The Effie Award is an international marketing communication award based on effectiveness. Samsung's honor to join proves the effectiveness of brand strategy and marketing expansion. it also highlights Samsung's remarkable achievements in creating richer intelligent life scenes and innovative research and development of higher-quality technology products for consumers. In the future, Samsung will continue to be driven by scientific and technological innovation and product innovation, demonstrate the vigorous development vitality of the brand with creative marketing full of humanistic feelings and emotional temperature, and truly integrate technology, art and home.

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