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Sony: the PS5 game console has entered the middle stage of life, and the relevant hardware sales figures are still optimistic.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 6, according to the Nikkei News Asia, Sony SIE experience Vice President Hideaki Nisano gave some instructions on the products of the PlayStation business during the interview, and the details of are as follows:

Hideaki Nisano believes that the PS5 console has entered the "middle stage" of life, which went on sale in November 2020 and is now in its third year, while the life cycle of a game console is usually 7-8 years.

▲ source Nikkei News, however, in the middle of the life of the game console, there are usually many games that make full use of the function. Hideaki Nisano cited the "Manwei Spider-Man 2" map fast loading feature as an example, saying that this game takes full advantage of PS5's SSD advantages.

▲ Toyuan Nikkei News in addition, Hideaki Nisano claimed that Sony expects to sell 25 million PS5 hardware this fiscal year, "the highest in history". Sony also recently launched a new model of removable optical drive and streaming handset PlayStation Portal, with the aim of getting better sales data by the end of the year.

▲ Sony recently launched a new thin version of PS5 Hideaki Nisano also put forward his own views on the situation that "competitors are developing simultaneously in PC and mobile". He believes that PS5 has a more cost-effective advantage in terms of performance-to-price ratio. "PC, which has the same performance as PS5, costs more budget and requires a more troublesome configuration process, while game consoles can be played out of the box and save worry and trouble."

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