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Try the old lady's new snack: the aunt in Shanghai is fragrant and crispy 0.5 yuan / bag half-price impulse

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Shanghai Auntie flagship Store]

Shanghai aunt Xiangnong Crispy (Chocolate Weihua) 160g*2 box new product impulse price 23.6 yuan, superimposed 4 yuan time limit coupon, actually pay 19.6 yuan free delivery.

Today, after my friends receive the coupons, there is a good chance that they will automatically receive 3 Fuhrer's single gift money, which can be started with only 16.6 yuan after deduction:

Tmall Shanghai aunt fragrant crisp 2 boxes of chocolate-flavored waffle cookies coupons after 19.6 yuan 4 yuan coupons selected cocoa powder + no cocoa butter chocolate + 4 layers of crust 3 layers of sandwich, shelf life 300 days.

This time 16.6 yuan to hand 2 boxes of 32 bags, equivalent to about 0.518 yuan per bag official good price.

Friends can use Wechat search "Shanghai aunt" to see the price of nearby stores, Qingdao stores with the same daily 1 yuan per bag.

Ingredients table wheat flour, dairy food base powder (glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, casein, mono, diglycerol fatty acid ester), shortening, granulated sugar, edible vegetable oil, cocoa powder, milk powder, cocoa butter, edible starch, soybean phospholipid, caramel color, β-carotene, sodium bicarbonate, food essence, edible salt.

Tmall's aunt in Shanghai received a 4 yuan coupon for 2 boxes of chocolate-flavored waffle cookies.

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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