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Huawei browser God Writer meeting will take you to explore the story behind the hardcore industry.

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Shulou( Report--

He is not only a university professor, but also a great god of Internet writing. when he started writing at the age of 40, he opened up the "hard-core industry style" in the field of Internet literature.

His masterpiece "Great Power heavy Industry" won the highest award in China's publishing field, the Chinese Publishing Government Award, and it is also the first batch of online literary works to be included in the Chinese collection of the British Library.

"Great Power heavy Industry" has been deeply loved by readers since it was launched on the Huawei browser novel channel. Recently, at the Zhuoyue Center of Huawei Intelligent Life Hall in Shenzhen, Huawei browser invited the mysterious writer, China Literature Group writer Qi Orange, to the meeting of Divine Writers to share the stories behind the creation of hard-core industrial novels.

The growth experience bears witness to history and tells a magnificent chapter vividly.

"Great Power heavy Industry" slowly tells the path of China's industrial development in three magnificent chapters: "grass growing Yingfei", "mid-stream striking water], and" starry sea]. Good literary works are inseparable from the nourishment of true stories. In the novel, Qi Orange enriches the storyline based on real events, and makes the story vivid in front of readers through dramatic processing such as "this is a toilet". "Workers, factories and industry embody the spirit of independence and hard work, and write a magnificent and extolling epic," Qi Orange concluded.

Qi Orange said that his works "Great Power heavy Industry", "material Empire", "Industrial overlord" and "someday Please long tassel" have all been online on Huawei browser novel channel, and you can go to Huawei browser to read about this glorious history.

The creation of online articles should adapt to the trend, and young people should pursue their dreams bravely.

In the audience interaction session, Qi Orange also talked about his views on online article reading: "the mobile and fragmented reading mode is the necessity of historical development, which is not the retrogression of reading, but the increment of reading." the development of mobile reading is the progress of culture. " He also said that the creation of online articles needs to adapt to the mobile and fragmented model, with universal content, fast rhythm and easy stories as the three core changes.

For young friends who have dreams of writing, Qi Orange encourages: "if you have a dream, pursue it bravely and do not hesitate. At the same time, the construction of online content requires creativity, and it also requires creators to constantly broaden their knowledge and take time to learn relevant knowledge. Only if you are willing to pay, can you gain."

At the event site, Qi Orange also revealed the dynamics of the next work: "the work I am writing now is about the chemical industry, and it is quite difficult to write. In addition, I also want to jump out of the routine of the previous works and write some new ideas, which is also a big challenge."

Get together in Huawei browser and meet a good story

Using Huawei browser to read novels, there is no need to install and download, no need to register to recharge, a direct search, that is, click to read, to bring users a lighter free reading experience of genuine novels.

In the future, Huawei browser novel Channel will join hands with China Literature Group to introduce more high-quality online works and connect high-quality works, writers and readers through active platforms such as Divine Writers' meetings. let more creators and Huawei end-users meet in Huawei browser, let good stories live on, and meet more wonderful stories in Huawei browser!

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