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Japan's niconico on-screen comments will cancel the "economic model" in March next year: free users can watch 720p videos and premium members will raise prices.

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery!, December 6 (Xinhua)-- Japanese bullet screen website niconico recently announced that it will abolish the low-quality "economic model" and adjust the prices of senior members.

Niconico said that from March 1, 2024, it will eliminate the "economic model" for ordinary and unlogged-in users, under which users can only watch videos at a lower bit rate (240p-320p) during peak hours. learned that after March 1, 2024, premium members can always watch videos on 1080p, while ordinary members and non-logged-in users can watch videos on 720p quality.

▲ niconico website interface in addition, in terms of member prices, the relevant price adjustments will take effect on March 1, 2024, and for newly registered users of the iOS platform / Google Play Store subscription to the membership service, the relevant price changes will take effect on January 31.

After the price adjustment, the monthly fee for niconico premium members has increased from 550yen ( Note: currently about 27 yuan) to 790 yen (currently about 38 yuan), and the annual price has increased from 6600 yen (currently about 321 yuan) to 7900 yen (currently about 385 yuan).

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