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Sources say Apple iPhone SE 4 will use the same iPhone 14 battery to reduce costs

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Shulou( Report-- December 7 news, according to MacRumors reported that recently the media received the upcoming fourth generation iPhone SE is currently testing battery details, this information confirms the previous findings related to the device.

The iPhone SE 4 has a device identifier of D59 and is expected to use exactly the same battery as the standard iPhone 14. A partially assembled prototype of the new phone already comes with a lithium-ion battery model A2863, which Apple has used on iPhone 14 in the past. Internal design documentation also confirms this change.

Compared to the current iPhone SE 3, the iPhone SE 4 battery capacity itself will be improved:

iPhone SE 3:2018 mAh

iPhone 14 (A2863): 3279 mAh

Compared to the battery used in the third-generation iPhone SE, the A2863 battery capacity has increased by 1250 mAh, which should extend the battery life of the new phone.

Apple has reportedly developed a new battery with stronger cooling capacity for the iPhone 16 Pro, while the fourth-generation iPhone SE will continue to use existing components to reduce costs. Developing new parts for the iPhone SE 4 will incur additional R & D costs for Apple, so using existing batteries will help keep the device affordable relative to other iPhone models.

In other related upgrades, the fourth-generation iPhone SE will feature a new design based on the iPhone 14 and will feature Action buttons and USB-C connectors. needs to point out that the information provided here is pre-production information. Although the iPhone SE 4 prototype uses the A2863 battery, Apple's plans may change because the device is still far from being available.

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