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Google announces a plan to fix the missing files of Drive cloud disk.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua)-- Google recently updated its official support documents to provide a solution for affected users after acknowledging the existence of BUG in Google Drive cloud disk service, which led to the loss of users' files for several months.

The support page indicates that some desktop users using Google Drive (mainly version 84) may have the problem that local files cannot be synchronized to Drive.

But the credibility of this claim is not high, which is quite different from the loss of existing Drive cloud files, unless users have not synchronized the relevant data in the past few months.

Reasons aside, at least the affected users now have a solution that can try to recover lost cloud files. The steps attached to are as follows:

Open the desktop version of Drive cloud disk application.

In the menu bar or system tray, click the desktop cloud hard drive icon.

Hold down the Shift key, and then click Settings.

Click restore from backup.

If everything works as expected, the user will receive a message saying "restore has begun" and wait for the "restore completed" prompt to pop up. When you are finished, a new folder will be displayed with an unsynchronized file named "Google Drive Recovery".

During this process, the system may return a "backup not found" message or "insufficient disk space" message, which requires further action.

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