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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: promote 6G technology R & D and innovation for commercial use around 2030

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Thanks to netizen Snailwang for the clue delivery! news on December 7, the symposium of national communications management directors and information and communications supervision work was held in Beijing on December 6.

The ▲ Picture Source Gongxin WeChat WeChat meeting stressed that the information and communication industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry of the national economy. It is necessary to persist in promoting the modernization of the industry, continuously consolidate and enhance the competitive advantage and leading position of the industry, persist in the digital transformation of the real economy, and consolidate the technological, network, application, market and security foundation for services to support the new industrialization. Play a greater role in promoting a new type of industrialization and building a modern industrial system. summarizes the meeting points:

It is necessary to speed up the optimization and upgrading of new information infrastructure, promote the coordinated development of "double gigabytes", speed up the layout of intelligent computing facilities, optimize the Internet architecture, and raise the green and low-carbon level of information infrastructure.

It is necessary to speed up tackling key core technologies, promote research and development and innovation in 6G technology, and build a modern industrial system for information and communications.

It is necessary to deepen the empowerment of converged applications, issue guidance on the high-quality development of the industrial Internet, promote the "tens of millions" action in 5G factories, and speed up the "intelligent transformation" of industry. Support platform enterprises to expand consumption scenarios, empower production and manufacturing, and enhance international competitiveness.

It is necessary to strengthen the network and data security system and capacity, strengthen the building of technical support capacity, improve the level of data security management in the industry, and promote the innovative development of the network and data security industry.

It is necessary to further promote the building of a new industry supervision system, improve an omni-directional, multi-tiered, and three-dimensional supervision system, improve all-chain supervision before and after the event, actively and orderly promote the expansion and opening up of the industry, promote in-depth trade style building and style rectification work, and deepen supervision in key areas such as App. We will improve the emergency communications pre-plan system and command system, and ensure communication services for major activities and emergencies.

▲ CCTV news screenshot can be seen that this meeting once again mentioned to speed up the research and development of 6G technology. According to CCTV News, Wang Zhiqin, head of China's 6G Propulsion Group and vice president of the China Academy of Information and Communications, revealed that the commercial time of 6G technology is basically around 2030, and its standardization will be developed in 2025.

Public information shows that in the 2G network era, the peak communication rate is only 100k bits; in the 5G era, the peak theoretical transmission speed can reach 20G bits per second; in the 6G era, the communication band is extended to a higher terahertz band, which is also the main research direction of the global 6G network.

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