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Fate 2 game studio Bungie is in turmoil: employees are worried and the company is at risk of being controlled by Sony

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 7 (Xinhua)-- Destiny 2 game developer Bungie is in a deep whirlpool, with existing employees worried about massive layoffs, and executives risk being completely controlled by Sony if Bungie fails to meet its revenue targets, according to game media IGN.

Layoffs previously reported that Bungie Game Studio, a total of 1200 employees, announced layoffs in October this year, let the existing team members worried.

Bungie Game Studios also cut budget spending, including freezing hiring, reducing travel budgets, abolishing holiday bonuses and ending annual market-driven employee pay adjustments.

The studio also kept its annual Bungie Day celebration purely digital, postponed its annual "Pentathalon" event until December 2024, suspended or cancelled various morale events and its rented lunches and peer recognition programs, and gave gift cards on birthdays.

Many employees' annual performance awards, which were 100% plus bonus in previous years, are now limited to less than 80%.

Some employees said frankly: "now I go to work with apprehension every day, and I don't know which day they or my colleagues will suddenly be laid off."

At risk of being controlled by Sony, Bungie is ostensibly a fully independent subsidiary of Sony, but the board has been divided since it was acquired in July 2022.

Its current members include Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, Luis Villegas, chief technology officer of Jason Jones,Bungie, co-founder of Sony Senior Vice President Eric Lempel,Bungie, and Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie.

The entire board of directors is composed of Sonny and Bungie representatives, and Parsons has the final vote.

But in interviews with IGN, current and former Bungie employees, speaking on condition of anonymity, described a departmental meeting held shortly after the layoffs, at which leaders hinted that this shared power might not last forever.

Several former and current Bungie employees said Sony could change its board and take over the company if the developer failed to meet its revenue targets.

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