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Tests show that Apple MacBook Pro's 8GB memory is not as good as Windows PC's 16GB memory.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua) recently, Apple executives claimed that the 8GB memory of the MacBook Pro is similar to the 16GB memory of other systems, which caused a lot of controversy. This was tested by the YouTube channel Max Tech, and the results showed that Apple's claim was untenable. For a laptop with the "Pro" flag, the 8GB simply does not have enough memory. noticed that Max Tech compared an M3 MacBook Pro 14 with 8GB memory with a Lenovo Legion Windows notebook with 16GB memory, and the test results showed that it was inadequate to handle heavy workflows in 8GB, both on MacBook and on PC.

In the test, Max Tech first conducted some benchmark tests, and then opened 10 Chrome browser tabs, but even so, MacBook's 8GB memory began to be stretched, and the system had to swap 400MB memory data to SSD, which could seriously affect performance. When Chrome is running and Lightroom is started, the amount of memory data swapped to SSD even soars to 6GB.

In the Lightroom test, the performance of the Mac dropped from 1: 47 to 2: 10 in the benchmark test, while the performance of the 16GB memory Windows laptop remained unchanged, and several other tests yielded similar results.

However, the real exposure to the lack of memory in 8GB on Mac is heavy multitasking testing. When multiple image and video editing applications were opened at the same time, Mac's performance in Lightroom tests plummeted from 1 minute 47 seconds to 4 minutes 01 seconds, while 16GB memory Windows laptops were almost unaffected by background running applications, increasing from 1 minute 17 seconds to 1 minute 23 seconds.

To make matters worse, users can no longer add their own memory after buying a MacBook with an Apple chip. This is because Apple uses unified memory, which is directly integrated into the CPU package, which does bring great benefits, but these benefits can only be realized when there is plenty of memory. Obviously, 8GB memory is not enough to perform any heavy load of work, even what Apple calls special memory.

Because of the high degree of memory integration, Apple has complete control over the memory pricing of the MacBook. The memory upgrade of the basic MacBook Pro 14 from 8GB to 16GB costs an extra 1500 yuan.

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