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Ubisoft "Avatar: Pandora Border" Game Review lifted: IGN 7 points, M Station 73%

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Shulou( Report-- Avatar: Pandora Frontier is a first-person action adventure game developed by Ubisoft Massive Studios and published by Ubisoft. The game's media reviews have been lifted, with IGN rating of 7 and Metacritic rating of 73%.

Metacritic currently has 65 reviews with a combined score of 73%;OpenCritic has 52 reviews with an average score of 69%, and only 48% of reviewers recommend the game.

IGN gave Avatar: Pandora's Frontier a 7 out of 10 for providing a beautiful alien world to explore, but it didn't offer as many real surprises as other modern open-world games. translation comprehensive comments as follows:

Avatar: Pandora's Frontier features amazing alien worlds, explored in a refreshingly neat way, destroying countless enemy bases, completing side quests for the Nami clan, and hunting exotic flora and fauna.

However, its combat is fairly monolithic, its mission design is a bit repetitive, and its environments generally lack any major surprises beyond visual brilliance, which means Avatar: Pandora Frontier is an excellent shooter adventure game, but overall a regular experience that doesn't bring much surprise.

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