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Steam client beta is updated in December to add a new version of shopping cart and "private games"

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Thanks to netizen Alejandro86, handwritten previous clue delivery! December 21 news, Steam today pushed the December update for the desktop platform beta client (Steam Beta Client), mainly adding a new version of shopping cart and "private games" features.

Players can now see a new version of the shopping cart at checkout and mark the "private" game in the library. collates the relevant updates as follows:

The new shopping cart improves the gift giving process: players can now buy gifts for multiple friends at a time, and the process of filling in gift information has also been simplified to facilitate quick gift giving.

Multi-device shared shopping cart: the contents of the shopping cart in the player's account will be synchronized on all devices logged in to Steam, but during testing, the shopping cart can only be accessed in the beta client.

Private purchase: players can mark the game as private before paying.

Private games set private games: players can set the specific games in their library to "private". After being set to private, the relevant game information will be hidden, and the relevant games will not appear in the data card.

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