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McDonald's, in partnership with Google, will deploy artificial intelligence to provide fresh food from 2024

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery!, Dec. 7 (Xinhua)-- McDonald's has announced a partnership with Google to deploy generative artificial intelligence technology in 2024, when "thousands" restaurants will upgrade their hardware and software.

In addition to upgrading other systems such as buffet kiosks and mobile apps, Tuyuan Pexels will also use generative AI technology to optimize huge amounts of data to improve restaurant operational efficiency. McDonald's said one of the results would be to provide customers with "hotter, fresher food".

Although McDonald's did not specify how AI technology would be used, it said that the hardware and software deployed in the store, as well as services provided through Google Cloud, would be upgraded and that the upgraded system would help restaurant managers "quickly identify and implement solutions and reduce business disruptions." noted that McDonald's statement also sidestepped the question of whether AI would replace human employees, only to mention that the system would "reduce the complexity of store staff" and "provide exciting new experiences for employees and customers." Wendy Burger, another Google AI customer, takes a similar view, launching the AI order test program earlier this year. As of June, the test was still being piloted at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

The launch of generative AI also coincides with the launch of McDonald's new "customized" operating system, which aims to unify the experience of mobile apps and store buffet kiosks. McDonald's said the overall change would lead to "smarter testing and automation solutions to improve restaurant operations".

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