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TGA 2023 cooperated with bilibili to send out a Sony PS5 for every 10 minutes of live broadcast of the award ceremony.

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Shulou( Report--, December 7, TGA 2023 Game Awards ceremony will be held at 8:30 on December 8, Beijing time. The event will cooperate with bilibili in Chinese mainland area to announce the delivery of a Sony PS5 game console for every 10 minutes of live broadcast.

In addition, Wechat, bilibili and Xiaohongshu went online through TGA 2023 voting channels, and the nominations for each award game were announced at 1: 00 a.m. on November 14, Beijing time. This TGA contains a total of more than 30 categories of awards.

There was a similar giveaway at last year's TGA 2022 Game Awards, when the V Society gave out a 512GB version of Steam Deck every minute during the live broadcast of TGA 2022. On Steam, more than 9.5 million unique users watched the TGA 2022 live broadcast, with a peak of more than 850000 concurrent users.

As for the winners of the TGA 2023 awards, will follow up the relevant information as soon as possible tomorrow morning.

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