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Realme true GT5 Pro mobile phone launches 3VC iceberg to dissipate heat, which claims to be the largest in the industry.

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Shulou( Report-- December 7 news, in this afternoon's realme true self GT5 Pro mobile phone conference, realme product manager towel announced that the true self GT5 Pro mobile phone will be first launched with 3VC iceberg heat dissipation structure, its total heat dissipation VC area can reach 12000 square millimeters, officials call it the largest heat dissipation VC in the industry.

This set of 3VC iceberg heat dissipation known as "challenge the industry's strongest heat dissipation VC", with 6 times the equivalent thermal conductivity, can achieve core heat source up to 21.8℃ cooling.

The machine pioneered the 3VC three-dimensional heat dissipation structure, which is made of copper alloy. Officials say it can improve the vertical heat dissipation capacity, bring better heat dissipation performance, and reduce the thickness by 33%.

In terms of actual testing, it is said that in the case of running 2 hours of "Arena of Valor" and 120FPS + extreme picture quality, the average frame rate is 119.79FPS and the highest temperature is 43.2℃. At the same time, after running the "original God" (60FPS, the highest picture quality) for 30 minutes, the average frame rate is 59.41FPS.

For more information about your true self GT5 Pro, will bring you later.

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