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Warm congratulations on the successful opening of the 2023 Orange Digital Technology agents Conference

2024-04-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

On the morning of December 5, 2023, the 2023 Orange Digital Technology agents Conference successfully opened in Shenzhen, China. The conference lasted 3 days, and elites of Orange Digital Partners who had been cooperating for many years gathered together to review the brilliant achievements made in 2023 and discuss New year's development plans to light up the business in 2024.

The conference was held in the solemn and elegant Chamber of Commerce of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by Orange Digital Technology, with the theme of "Breakthrough and win the Future," which means that the conference will focus on the breakthroughs made in the past few years. At the same time, it is conceived to draw a blueprint for the development of the big-eyed orange offline channel business in the next few years.

Participating in this agent conference are excellent agents from all over the country, who are partners who have gradually grown into the current industry head brand with the orange number. At this event, everyone's face is filled with a smug smile and full of confidence in the development momentum of the brand, just like the warm winter sun in Shenzhen.

The conference began with a technical presentation, led by General CTO Guo, who opened the preface to the conference. The technology of Orange Digital has always been second to none in the industry. It is said that it achieved the TOP1 of the industry ODM in the second year after its establishment, and the shipment volume is also the top three in the industry for many years. This is due to the excellent strength of orange digital technology. At this conference, Mr. Guo not only explained the future technical concept of Orange in detail. And also made a live demonstration, so that the agent partners in front of the eyes, more confidence in 2024.

The second item of the conference, delivered by General Manager Yi of Big Eye Orange Channel sales, reviewed the business logic and achievements of brand offline channels in 2023, and made a resounding summary, making a perfect connection between 2023 and 2024, which is about to end.

The third item of the conference is to give awards to excellent agents in 2023. A number of agency partners have won the thanks and awards of the brand. While winning the award, they also expressed their praise and expectations for the big-eyed orange brand. One comes from the most sincere expectation of the partner.

After the award, the excellent agents shared the details of their cooperation with Big Eye Orange in recent years, as well as the harvest feelings, and proofed to other agents on the scene.

The final conclusion is the speech delivered by Mr. Liu Zhenghua, chairman of Orange Digital, in which Mr. Liu reviewed the past and looked forward to the future, expressed his gratitude for the trust of the agent partners, and also expressed the strong confidence of the brand in the future development. Boss Liu said that adhering to the original mind will surely create great achievements, and the brilliant future of Big Eye Orange is the crystallization of the joint efforts of brands and agency partners.

At present, the sales volume of Big Eye Orange accounts for almost half of the sales in the hotel industry, and it is already a leader in the domestic hotel equipment category. In 2024, the goal of Big Eye Orange is to compete for the number one brand in the hotel industry and become a well-deserved NO.1 in the hearts of the public.

In December, Shenzhen also had a temperature of more than 20 degrees, and both inside and outside the venue were like a fire, which ignited the enthusiasm of this winter. I believe that in the following 2024, Big Eye Orange will make more progress and achievements on the offline channel, and work with cooperative agents to truly achieve the goal of TOP in the industry.

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