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Realme true self GT5 Pro phone supports palmprint unlocking, which is said to be "comparable to face unlocking speed".

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan for the clue delivery! December 7 news, the ongoing realme new product launch, the real GT5 Pro warm-up cool techs officially announced-rapid palmprint unlock. learned from the press conference that the true self GT5 Pro palmprint unlock after more than 10,000 model training, comparable to the face unlock speed; security unlock, 10 million attack tests passed 100%.

In addition, the new machine also supports AI gesture control, which can realize full scene interspace interaction such as mobile click, swipe, breath screen, etc.; support 12 kinds of blank gestures, which can carry out short videos, likes, screenshots, etc.; application-specific adaptation, Douyin, Kuaishou custom operations.

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