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Built-in hub gateway + full 2.5G port: millet router 6500 Pro 598 yuan to explore a new low

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In October this year, Xiaomi router 6500 Pro officially went on sale, equipped with Qualcomm 1.5GHz CPU, with 1GB large memory, using a full 2.5G network port, claiming stable access to 715 devices at a price of 699 yuan.

During 's 12.12 promotion period, after adding multiple discounts below, the hand price is 598.9 yuan, with a deposit of 50 yuan and the final payment at 10: 00 on the 8th:

Coupons over 689-100 yuan: click here to pick up.

The top 1000 payers enjoy an one-year extended service.

Book to send rice home Bluetooth temperature and hygrometer 2. Xiaomi router 6500 Pro2.5G port * 4, dual-band 6454Mbps folded 598.9 yuan direct link finishing Xiaomi router 6500 Pro specifications are as follows:

The millet router 6500 Pro supports 5G band 4x4 160MHz large bandwidth, dual-band 4K QAM high-order modulation technology, and the transmission rate can reach 6500 Mbps.

In terms of configuration, the Xiaomi router 6500 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm 4-core A53 1.5GHz CPU, computing power as high as 13800DMips, with large 1GB memory, and a full 2.5G network port to support dual WAN and LAN port aggregation at speeds up to 5Gbps.

Xiaomi router 6500 Pro built-in six hidden omni-directional high-gain antennas, professional and scientific layout to avoid unreasonable antenna placement affecting the signal; support LDPC error correction algorithm, so that the signal coverage is wider, transmission performance is stronger; also support Beamforming, IPv6, BSS Coloring, WPA3, dual-band integration.

Xiaomi router 6500 Pro has a built-in hub gateway, which brings faster, more stable and more convenient connection experience for the intelligence of the whole house. Xiaomi router 6500 Pro2.5G port * 4, dual-band 6454Mbps folded 598.9 yuan direct link

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