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The realme true self GT5 Pro phone carries the same Sony LYT-808 camera with one plus 12, and the IMX890 is looking at telephoto.

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Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, partial Kesuohuang 4100 eyes of clue delivery! news on December 7, realme true self GT5 Pro mobile phone conference was held this afternoon, realme officially announced the image configuration of the new phone. The machine is equipped with Sony LYT-808 camera and IMX 890telescope telephoto.

Sony's LYT-808 has previously made its debut on an one-plus-12 phone, a 50MP 1max 1.4-inch sensor.

In addition, the machine carries the industry's first Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and IMX890 telephoto combination, the industry's first long focal end supports main-level DOL-HDR, multi-frame optimization, achieving ultra-high dynamic range HDR effect, up to 120x zoom.

The realme True self GT5 Pro phone uses the telephoto hypershadow engine launched jointly with Hongrou to further enhance the telephoto image ability:

Semantic perception: semantic pixel-level segmentation, bionic perception algorithm, scene detection algorithm

Image quality enhancement: lossless computing in RAW domain, AI noise reduction, image quality super-score algorithm

Computing light and shadow: light and shadow mapping of multi-dimensional matrix, RAW multi-frame HDR, Pro XDR

The machine is also equipped with a 8MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens, equipped with Sony IMX355 sensor, front 32MP Sony IMX615 sensor, all supplied by Sony. learned from the press conference that the machine also carries Lu Chuan film filter and has its own custom watermark.

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