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Angel Catering Water purification solution won the "Chinese Beverage Creative Power TOP50 supply chain explosive Award"

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Shulou( Report--

On December 4, the annual conference of Qimen 20.24 million, with the theme of "keep your strength and become yourself", came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. The conference brought together more than 100 leading catering and tea enterprises, as well as suppliers and service providers, and more than 1000 professional guests to discuss the four core topics of the future, innovation and exploration, the era of thousands of stores and category opportunities.

As a leading water purification expert in science and technology, Angel was invited to attend the industry event. At the event site, Angel set up an independent product exhibition area, showing five new technology products, such as long-term taste fine filtration series C11, large flow ultrafiltration series U20, high quality water RO series R24, bubble water machine, IoT smart box and so on. Angel won the "China Beverage Innovation TOP50 supply chain explosion Award" for its outstanding product strength and scientific and technological innovation, which means that Angel's catering water purification solution has been widely recognized by the beverage industry.

It is understood that Angel long-term taste fine filter series C11 is equipped with a patented quick filter element of independent research and design, which can be disassembled and installed in 3 seconds, adopts single-tube series-parallel structure design, can be split quickly, and realizes free switching between series and parallel. Meet the water demand of different scenes.

Large flow U20 ultrafiltration series equipped with large flow double-layer synthetic PVDF ultrafiltration membrane filter element, using independent research and development of patent vortex flushing technology to achieve automatic and efficient washing, anti-fouling plugging, while the product also has intelligent filter element life monitoring and early warning, convenient and easy to use.

High quality water RO series R24 is equipped with patented US Pro composite filter element and adopts double-branch parallel design structure to effectively prolong the service life of RO filter element. At the same time, it is equipped with two 1200G high-flux RO filters to achieve 6L / min clean water flow, meeting the large water consumption scenes such as restaurants, tea and beverages. According to reports, the solution can effectively filter out harmful substances such as residual chlorine, organic matter and heavy metals in water, enhance the taste and flavor of drinks, and effectively protect water equipment such as water boilers, coffee machines, tea extractors, ice machines, and water purification faucets. Improve store operation efficiency.

At the scene of the conference, Jin Feng, deputy general manager of Angel Group's commercial clean drinking water group, was invited to be the guest of the forum "how to achieve high-quality brand growth in the Wandian era" to discuss and communicate with industry partners. "at present, tea brands want thousands of stores, and intelligent equipment is the trend of the times," he shared. Angel developed a series of catering products that can be used with self-developed IoT smart boxes, which can display real-time data such as water pressure, temperature, flow, TDS value and filter life, making it easy to understand the daily operation of the store. "

Angel has been focused on the water purification field for 36 years and continues to promote the high-quality development of the water purification industry through scientific and technological innovation. He said that Angel has developed six categories of products according to the actual water purification scene in the catering and tea sector, providing healthy and convenient water purification solutions for chain stores, improving quality, service and efficiency, and helping major beverage industry stores to go out to sea to achieve win-win results.

At present, Angel has obtained more than 900 patents, participated in 17 national and industry standard revision, and has established cooperative relations with well-known brands such as Kudi Coffee, Tea Baidao, Haidilao, Jiumaojiu and so on. In the future, Angel will be customer demand-oriented, explore and innovate, provide better water purification solutions for the catering and tea industries, and enable high-quality brand growth in the Wandian era.

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