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A new type of fraud targets the elderly: lawbreakers impersonate employees of telecom companies to install "set-top boxes", which are actually electric fraud hardware facilities.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, according to the official tweet of "Shanghai Network refuting rumors" today, on November 30, the Shanghai Anti-Fraud Center found that in its routine work, three fixed telephone numbers in Baoshan District dialed a large number of calls suspected of carrying out telecommunications network fraud, and then pushed the clue to the criminal investigation detachment of Baoshan Public Security Bureau for verification. At the same time, Baoshan police received a report from the telecom company that someone pretended to be an employee of the telecom company to install equipment in the residents' homes.

Huang, who lives in Baoshan, Shanghai, said he encountered a "free door-to-door maintenance network" by a staff member dressed in a telecom company and installed a "new type of signal equipment", the report said. As a result, after installing this device, the children will not be able to get through to the landline at home.

It was verified by the telecommunications company that it was not the company's staff who came to the door, and the company did not implement such free services.

During their visit and investigation, the police found that the "black set-top box" connected to the telephone line in their home is actually a GOIP device with routers and flow cards, which can convert overseas network signals into fixed-line signals in this city, and can automatically enter a continuous working state after being connected by electricity.

▲ Picture Source Shanghai Network refutes rumors Note: GOIP equipment is a kind of hardware device for network communication, which supports mobile phone card access and can convert traditional telephone signals into network signals. A device can operate hundreds of mobile phone SIM cards at the same time, and it can also remotely control remote SIM cards and GOIP devices to make phone calls and send and receive text messages, thus realizing the separation of people from SIM cards, hiding their identities and avoiding attacks.

After signal conversion, once other citizens receive overseas calls with "caller ID as Shanghai landline", it is very likely that it will be difficult to tell the true from the false.

On December 2, the local police arrested Zhang, a suspect who was about to commit another crime in an old community, and seized three sets of GOIP equipment he was carrying with him. According to Zhang's confession, his work clothes and work permits are fake, and he usually specially chooses elderly residents to knock on their doors.

He said he received contact from an overseas fraud gang when he was looking for a part-time job online, and after "training", he used words such as posing as an employee of a telecommunications company and "free upgrade service" to win the trust of elderly residents.

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