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The White Paper on the Development of distributed Storage publishes the participation of science and technology to promote the innovation and reform of the storage industry.

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Recently, at the 2023 Cloud Primary Industry Conference, China ICT Institute jointly issued the distributed Storage Development White Paper 2023, which analyzes and interprets the latest key development trends in distributed storage from the four dimensions of architecture, function, hardware and ecology, analyzes the value of innovative technology, and has an insight into the development trend of distributed storage.

At present, the latest key development trends in the field of distributed storage mainly include four aspects: architecturally, towards converging load, higher density and faster network; functionally, towards scene-based lossless compression and multi-live disaster recovery; in terms of hardware, to all-flash memory, efficient and energy-saving development; in the ecological level, to cloud storage open docking, storage through development.

White Paper on the Development of distributed Storage (2023)

In recent years, China's distributed storage market has grown steadily, reaching 20.5 billion yuan in 2022. The proportion of software and hardware continues to rise, accounting for 91.3% of the market. It has become the preferred product form for users in various industries. With the continuous rise of new applications such as AI model, big data lake and warehouse integration, digital pathology, quantitative trading, bioinformation analysis, data network and so on, distributed storage technology has brought more extensive application prospects.

In the industrial ecological picture released in 2023, a large model plate of AI was added to the application scene. In the ChatGPT craze that broke out at the beginning of the new year, with its technical advantages and profound insight in the field of AI storage, Sungrong Technology quickly launched a storage solution for AI large model scenarios, realizing the extreme storage performance of 90GBps / node bandwidth and 3 million IOPS / node, fully meeting the storage needs of large model training and reasoning, and has reached cooperation with many large model manufacturers.

Ecological picture of distributed storage industry

Yirong Technology is a leading data service provider in China, insisting on independent research and development and technological innovation as the core, deeply ploughing the field of distributed storage. At present, the distributed file storage product YRCloudFile is widely used in HPC high-performance computing, AI large model training, high-performance data analysis HPDA, autopilot, health analysis and other application scenarios.

As the core member of the distributed industrial matrix, Yirong Technology will continue to cultivate the innovative research and development of distributed file storage technology in the future, accelerate the landing and practice of products in the pan-AI scenario, help improve the distributed storage standard system, accelerate ecological adaptation and interface opening, actively participate in and build the ecosystem, and work with partners to promote the development and application of distributed storage technology. Contribute to the healthy and rapid development of the storage industry.

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