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The State Council: explore the application scenario of digital RMB in the trade field of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and support the introduction of overseas electronic payment

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, the State Council today issued the "overall Plan for comprehensively docking International High-standard Economic and Trade rules to promote the High-level Institutional opening up of China (Shanghai) Free Trade pilot Zone" (hereinafter referred to as "the plan").

The "plan" proposes to comprehensively link up with international high-standard economic and trade rules, steadily expand the opening up of rules, regulations, management, and standards, and take the lead in building an institutional system and supervision model linked to high-standard economic and trade rules within the planning scope of the Shanghai Free Trade pilot Zone, so as to explore new ways and accumulate new experience for comprehensively deepening reform and opening wider to the outside world. found that in accelerating the opening up of trade in services, the Plan mentioned two points:

(1) Financial services 1. Encourage financial institutions and payment service providers to take the lead in launching advanced international standards for electronic payment systems to carry out cross-border digital identity authentication and electronic identification. We will support the introduction of overseas electronic payment institutions in accordance with the law. The regulatory agency of electronic payment shall disclose the relevant laws and regulations of electronic payment in a timely manner.

2. Under the framework of the national security management system for cross-border transmission of data, financial institutions are allowed to transmit data needed for daily operations abroad. Where financial data are involved in leaving the country, the regulatory authorities may take regulatory measures on the basis of national security and prudent principles, while ensuring the security of important data and personal information.

3. Deepen international cooperation in financial science and technology, facilitate financial institutions to carry out cross-border asset management, and provide domestic investment management, valuation accounting and other services for fund products established abroad. We will promote the pilot project of digital RMB in an orderly manner and explore the application scenarios of digital RMB in the field of trade. Under the premise of controllable risk, prudently explore relaxing the restrictions on M & A loans for non-residents in the new areas near Hong Kong, expand the applicable scenarios of loans, and support local financial regulators to study and formulate business guidelines on the basis of fully summing up the experience of pilot cases and a comprehensive assessment of risk management.

4. Optimize the policy of centralized operation and management of multinational corporations' cross-border funds, support multinational corporations to set up fund management centers, and improve the arrangement of capital pools. To build an international reinsurance board in the new area of Lingang. Support insurance funds rely on the relevant exchanges in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to invest in gold and other commodities on a pilot basis.

5. Enhance the function of the free trade account system, optimize the account rules, and realize the orderly and free flow of funds between the Shanghai Free Trade pilot Zone and overseas in accordance with the law.

6. Study qualified asset management companies (excluding financial asset management companies, fund management companies and local asset management companies) to carry out cross-border transfer of asset-backed securities, explore cross-border transfer of financial leasing assets and pilot settlement in RMB. Support commercial factoring companies to handle commercial factoring based on the real international trade background on the premise of meeting the consistency requirements of import and export and foreign exchange collection and payment.

(2) Telecommunication services 7. Basic telecommunications enterprises shall, on the premise of not affecting quality and reliability, provide reasonable and non-discriminatory treatment, and provide mobile phone numbers (non-Internet of things) number-to-network services in a timely manner in accordance with the law, and constantly improve the quality of service.

8. on the premise of abiding by laws and regulations and industry management requirements, basic telecommunications enterprises will further improve the mobile communications resale service system, set reasonable rates, and do not set discriminatory conditions.

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