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Shangtang Technology AI programming assistant "Code Little Raccoon Raccoon" is open for public testing, supporting IDE plug-ins

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, Shangtang Technology announced that Code Little Raccoon Raccoon, an intelligent programming assistant based on Shangtang's self-developed language model, will be open for public testing from now on.

Code raccoon Raccoon supports 30 + mainstream programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, Go, SQL, and mainstream IDE (integrated development environment) such as VS Code and IntelliJ IDEA. partners can log in to to experience.

Shangtang Technology said that the code small raccoon covers software requirements analysis, architecture design, code writing, software testing and other links to meet the needs of user code writing, data analysis, programming learning and other needs. In practical applications, it can help developers improve programming efficiency by more than 50%.

It is recommended to cover more than 30 mainstream programming languages and generate code automatically according to the context.

Open dialogue function to understand the description of users' natural language requirements.

Preset generates code based on annotations, translation across programming languages, unit test case generation, code modification, code refactoring, technical domain knowledge Q & A, and other functions.

Support user-defined requirements, including requirements document generation, code generation comments, code interpretation document generation, technical document generation and other open capabilities.

▲ code completion function: users can trigger code completion automatically or manually in the editor. Once triggered, the icon at the bottom right of the editor status bar will indicate the current request status.

Through continuous conversation, the Code Little Raccoon provides three ways to use the code assistant:

1) Code Assistant (GUI) in the sidebar: click the Raccoon icon in the VS Code sidebar to activate it.

2) Code Assistant (GUI) in the editor: in the Raccoon sidebar view, click "New window Icon" on the title bar to create multiple independent instances to facilitate multi-line development

3) Terminal Panel Code Assistant (CLI): in the Raccoon sidebar view, click [more …] on the title bar.] Select "New Raccoon Terminal" to create. Similarly, you can create multiple independent instances.

Users can enter questions in the question box, or select a preset prompt by typing [/] (some actions may require user completion prompts, after completion, you can click [send Icon] to submit content) to start the conversation. You can also customize prompts to better suit the user's usage scenarios.

With the help of the latest function call (function calling) capability of the Rixin big model system, the code raccoon is deeply integrated with IDE, and the interoperation between the big language model and IDE is realized.

If there are one or more Git repositories in the current workspace, you will see the Magic Wand icon button in the sidebar panel of "Source Control". Raccoon will understand the changes that the user has saved temporarily and write appropriate Commit Message suggestions in the message box.

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