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Anke launched 22.5W Anker Nano capsule portable battery: with its own USB-C head, it costs RMB 159m per 5000 Ma.

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 7 (Xinhua)-- Anke currently has an Anker Nano capsule mobile power supply on its e-commerce platform, which looks a bit like Apple's previous charging dock for the iPhone / iPod.

This mobile power supply comes with a USB-C charging plug with a power of 22.5 W ·5000mA per hour and comes with a 0.6m Cmurc data line.

According to officials, the mobile power supply has a "Morandi five-color" appearance, is only the size of lipstick, and the USB-C charging plug can be folded away to recharge two devices at a time.

The parameter information of mobile power supply attached to is as follows: ANKER Anke capsule portable battery received a coupon of 5 yuan after a 5000 Ma hour coupon.

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