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Li Chun, co-CEO of Group: around the upgrade service of small B customers, join hands with platform merchants to rise together

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On December 7, the "2023 Global 100 people Forum", sponsored by EqualOcean, a new think tank in the field of globalization, was held in Shanghai. Li Chun, co-CEO of Group, Huang Yuanpu, founding partner of EqualOcean, Belt and Road Initiative of Fudan University, Huang Renwei, vice dean of the Institute of Global Governance, Zhu Xiaohu, managing partner of GSR Ventures, Zhang Yi, senior partner of Jindu, and other leading entrepreneurs, pioneer entrepreneurs, academic experts and investors, were invited to attend to discuss the opportunities for Chinese enterprises to go abroad in the new era of globalization.

"as the most important overseas market for cross-border e-commerce, the United States has a large and wide range of small Class B buyers." "this group has a lot of room to dig," Li Chun said in a speech at the forum. "

Centering on the upgrade service of Xiao B, find a unique way in the competition at sea.

Under the environment of increasing logistics and supply chain costs, fluctuations in overseas consumer demand, and enterprises facing various operating pressures, the scale of global B2B e-commerce is growing against the trend. According to third-party research data, the global B2B e-commerce market is nearly $8 trillion in 2022 and is expected to reach $20.9 trillion in 2027. By 2025, sales of B2B products generated through e-commerce will grow by at least 10 per cent a year.

In the United States, the most important market for cross-border e-commerce, Statista statistics show that total retail sales in the United States are expected to reach $7.9 trillion in 2026, of which the share of B2B e-commerce continues to rise. In 2023, 17% of B2B business is done through e-commerce platforms, and the proportion of B2B buyers willing to pay for a better e-commerce platform has increased from 74% in 2019 to 81% in 2022.

Li Chun believes that small category B purchasers not only have a considerable scale, but also have a stable willingness to purchase, and are less affected by the complex international environment, so the Chinese supply chain is their first choice for cross-border direct procurement. And affected by objective factors such as local culture and online distribution costs, small Category B buyers have indomitable vitality and have advantages and resilience in serving local customers, which makes the recovery of offline shopping in the United States faster than expected. At the same time, with the development of social e-commerce, this group also sees new hope.

Dunhuang has been ploughing the US market since its establishment in 2004 and is now the largest Chinese cross-border B2B e-commerce platform in the US market. " Li Chun said, "one thing Dunhuang has been doing for so many years is to serve these little Bs well." In 2024, we will continue to cultivate the overseas small B customer base, integrate resources, comprehensively upgrade services around their core needs, start with Sourcing, procurement, light customization, warehousing and implementation, continue to upgrade in supporting small B fragmentation and diversified feature requirements, enhance added value, and fast response ability to enhance user dependence and stickiness. "

According to Li Chun, Dunhuang Network Group will give priority to household products, and has launched a new pan-home category B2B cross-border e-commerce platform DHmogo for European and American markets. At the same time, the Group will continue to increase investment in social e-commerce, connecting the Chinese supply chain directly to overseas content creators through its social e-commerce platform MyyShop, on the one hand, helping domestic factories and brands to accurately match suitable online celebrities, obtaining new incremental space and speeding up the speed of going out to sea; on the other hand, helping overseas content creators transform into small B to realize the realization of traffic.

When talking about the fierce global competition of Chinese platform e-commerce, Li Chun said: "technological changes drive consumption habits and changes in consumption scenarios, bringing new market space and opportunities to go out to sea." The fiercer the competition of the e-commerce platform is, the better it is for the brand, and if you seize the opportunity, you can take off. The rise of the platform is not the rise of the isolated platform itself, but must be the common rise of the businessmen on the platform. "

"We also suggest that brands go out to sea not only staring at 2C to roll, take a step back, make good use of overseas small B, you will find that the sea is broad."

Vigorously develop AI technology and embrace opportunities for reform in the offshore industry

Li Chun pointed out that the rapid development of AIGC (generative artificial intelligence) technology will become an important variable that will affect the trend of cross-border e-commerce industry. Dunhuang Network Group has been continuously investing in AI capabilities and applications, exploring and trying scenarios of people, goods and markets, with a view to transforming a large number of scenes and data accumulated in the previous Internet stage into huge dividends in the next stage of development through AI applications.

At present, Dunhuang Network Group already has a full range of mature AI solutions, covering all cross-border e-commerce links, such as traffic delivery, personalized marketing, commodity expression, digital live broadcast, and cross-border risk control. Qihang AI, a large model of cross-border e-commerce developed by the Group, does not call other product interfaces, supports multiple rounds of dialogue, has the capabilities of content creation and mutual generation of picture and text, and can provide strong support for a wide range of text and picture-text mutual generation demand scenarios in the industry. compared with the general domain model, it has helped more than 2000 cross-border e-commerce customers to greatly improve their business efficiency. During the past "Black five net one" period, Dunhuang achieved a performance explosion with the help of AI marketing strategy, greatly promoting a doubling of transaction volume compared with last year, and a number of business indicators broke through record highs.

"Cross-border e-commerce services are the most essential consumer needs of people." "consumption is eternal," Li said. "it just changes what it looks like. I'm also looking forward to where epoch-making productivity changes like AIGC will lead our industry."

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