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Wechat: it will further deal with the problem of "self-media" violations and crack down on rumor-mongering.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, netizens, for the delivery of clues about the past in the West window! news on December 7, Wechat Coral Security official account today issued a "notice on further control of" self-media "violations", will step up efforts to deal with "self-media" rumors, counterfeiting and other issues, and strictly deal with relevant illegal accounts and content.

The details of are as follows:

Crack down on rumors and spread rumors severely, carry and spread rumors of the "self-media" Wechat team attaches importance to the management of online rumors, focusing on the work requirements of cracking down on rumor-mongering in the "self-media" project.

Since November 2023, the platform has dealt with a total of more than 6000 related rumors, and individual accounts have spread rumors that "retirement by seniority" will be carried out in many places, releasing false information in the real estate sector and exaggerating anxiety and panic.

The official Wechat official combines the requirements of the notice on strengthening the Management of "self-Media" (hereinafter referred to as "the notice") and platform rules to permanently ban and deal with serious violations of accounts such as "one * million", "Daily News", "Big City" and so on, as well as the "old", "small", "Mengjie" and "rich" accounts. To restrict the addition of "fans" and the banning of account ladder.

Severely crack down on the counterfeiting of official organizations, news media and specific professionals "self-media" in the process of daily management, Wechat officials found that there are still individual "self-media" accounts in the form of confusing names, fabricating information, etc., impersonating official organizations, news media and specific professionals, and publishing content to mislead the public.

Since November 2023, the platform has dealt with a total of 1042 fake accounts, such as "Xin" and "I Love * Station". Depending on the degree of violation of the account, the platform will clear the data and block the account ladder.

Severely crack down on "self-media" involving illegal and profit-making activities

Recently, the platform has carried out key investigations on illegal profit-making "self-media". In order to attract traffic, accounts such as "Shan Jiatu" and "Shanghai * * Research" have been playing hot spots of current events for a long time, and illegal drainage has been carried out, thus destroying the ecology of the platform.

Combined with the requirements of the "notice" and the rules of the platform, according to the degree of violation, the restrictions on the addition of "fans", restrictions on profitability, taboos on the account ladder and so on.

Further standardize the source of information to further standardize the creative behavior of "self-media", strengthen the management of false information, and actively create a green and secure platform ecology, the platform has opened the ability to mark with one click.

When publishing content, creators of "Zi Media" can choose their own logo according to the specific situation, and users can also better identify the content according to the logo. Many creators actively experience it and take the initiative to select the content logo according to the requirements of the "notice" and the rules of the platform. Further help the platform to optimize content identification capabilities.

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