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It is reported that Kuaishou started the largest organizational restructuring of the year, involving the main station, e-commerce, commercialization and other businesses.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery! news on December 7, according to @ interface news, Kuaishou released an internal email announcing a new round of organizational restructuring, involving the main station, e-commerce, commercialization, community science and other business lines. This is the largest organizational restructuring of Kuaishou this year. with business adjustment:

Kuaishou Commercial Division under the local consumer business department to adjust to the main station line, renamed as recruitment real estate business department, responsible for express hiring, real estate related business, cancel the main station product department.

The incubation products department has been set up under the main station, which is responsible for independent App products such as Kuaiying, Yitian camera and Hui Sen.

The author and content Ecology Business Department is established under the Operations Department, which is responsible for supporting the healthy growth of author ecology and content ecology in Kuaishou platform.

The former trend Life Business Department, Creator Ecology Center, Pan-knowledge Business Center, two-dimensional content Center, Medical and Health Group were merged into the author and content Ecology Business Department.

The Entertainment Business Department under the operation department is renamed to the Entertainment Business Department, which is responsible for the operation of entertainment and sports content.

The former sports business center under the operation department was merged into the entertainment business department.

Personnel adjustment:

Chen Yiyu served as the head of the entertainment business department under the Ministry of Transport, reporting to Yu Yue, senior vice president of Kuaishou.

Li Huan, the former head of the ecology and content operation department, served as the head of the recruitment real estate business department and reported to Yu Yue.

Wang Changhui served as the head of the analysis department of the master station and the head of the platform PMO, reporting to Yu Yue.

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