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YouTube launches "anti-malicious screen brushing" function: creators can pause video comments with one click

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery!, December 8 (Xinhua)-- the YouTube Creator Channel announced a new feature in the early hours of this morning Beijing time: when creators find their video comment area difficult to deal with, they can pause new comments without having to completely close or delete comments.

▲ source YouTube, the original image is so clear, officials say, this feature has been tested for some time and has received a lot of positive feedback. Testers say this feature will bring "more flexibility" to the comment management of their own channels. note: before this feature goes live, if creators want to "block" new comments, there are only two options: turn on comment review or close the comment area.

After the introduction of this feature, users can use the YouTube Studio tool on the PC or mobile device to find the "pause" option in the video's "comment settings". If this feature is turned on, viewers can still see all existing comments.

As can be seen from the official demonstration, YouTube's comment Management provides the options of "on", "Review (at different levels)", "pause" and "close". If you select "pause", the comments section of the video playback page will display the corresponding text prompt.

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