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Usher in a new era of wireless network! Wi-Fi 7 routing chooses Huawei routing BE3 Pro

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At the launch of Huawei's autumn full-scene new products on September 25, Huawei unveiled a new generation of router BE3 Pro, Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router. At 10: 00 this morning, the Huawei routing BE3 Pro 1000m network port version, which attracted much attention from the industry, officially ushered in its first sale, with a price of 399 yuan.

With the development of home intelligence, more and more home users put forward higher standards for Wi-Fi connection: high speed, stability, security, simplicity. For consumers, this is a prerequisite for high-quality smart homes, and for Huawei routers, it is also a long-term goal.

We should know that Huawei also started with communications, and its profound technology accumulation in the field of communications over the years has made Huawei not only a major contributor to Wi-Fi 7 standard patents, but also a pioneer in promoting the development of Wi-Fi 7 technology and industry.

According to a report from NGB's official IEEE website, Huawei ranks first in the world with a contribution rate of 22.9% in terms of Wi-Fi 7 standard patents. Its standard patent contribution reached 482, 1.5 times that of the second place!

Huawei's outstanding contribution to Wi-Fi 7 standard patents gives Huawei a unique advantage in the research and development of Wi-Fi 7 routers, providing quick insight into industry trends and rapidly building Wi-Fi 7 router products.

Therefore, to choose Wi-Fi 7 routing is to choose Hua as routing BE3 Pro, which is the inevitable choice driven by technical strength.

Going back to the level of product power, Huawei routing BE3 Pro, as Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router, has realized three core advantages under the support of Wi-Fi 7 technology.

First of all, there are the advantages of low latency.

Wi-Fi 7 introduces multi-link aggregation technology (Multi-Link Operation) for the first time, which enables Wi-Fi 7 devices such as mobile phones and tablets to connect 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands for data transmission at the same time. MLO technology solves the problem that Wi-Fi devices can only connect to a single channel (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) to access the Internet, resulting in a waste of channel performance. Through the multi-link aggregation technology, the user can complete the data transmission in a shorter time, thus greatly reducing the delay. Not only that, MLO can also greatly improve the experience of using the network over a long distance from the router. Traditional routers can only get a better speed in a closer range, but when they are far away, they will switch to the 2.4GHz band to connect, resulting in a decrease in network speed. However, Huawei routing BE3 Pro has changed this situation through MLO technology, expanding the coverage of high-speed areas and maintaining a good experience even in distant bedrooms and studies.

According to the data estimated by Huawei laboratory, compared with routes without MLO technology, using Huawei routing BE3 Pro can achieve up to 92% speed increase and 77% delay reduction.

It is worth mentioning that with the blessing of Huaweiling dual Wi-Fi technology, coupled with Mate 60 series, P60 series and other devices, we can also enjoy the network experience of low latency and high throughput brought by dual-band aggregation acceleration.

Secondly, there are advantages in terms of stability.

This is also the second advantage of Huawei routing BE3 Pro Wi-Fi 7 router-MRU technology (Multi-Resource Unit).

MRU technology allows the mechanism of allocating multiple RU to a single user, making full use of idle channels to transmit data, and then adding preamble punching technology (Preamble Puncturing), which can automatically skip the channels blocked by interference, thus improving the transmission efficiency and reducing the delay.

To put it simply, through more precise and flexible network bandwidth control, make full use of idle channel to transmit data, automatically skip interference and block the channel. Effectively improve the transmission efficiency and stability of multi-users when surfing the Internet. This is like a multi-lane highway, where users (data) can automatically choose more smooth lanes, avoid congestion, keep data flowing all the time and reach their destination quickly.

The third advantage is speed.

Huawei routing BE3 Pro uses Wi-Fi 7 technology, the wireless rate can reach 3600Mbps, bringing the ultimate rapid network experience.

More importantly, Wi-Fi 7 uses a new 4K QAM modulation, which can further compress the data density, transmit a larger amount of data at the same time, and increase the rate to 120%.

Whether it is watching 4K high-definition movies, playing large games, or downloading a large number of files, Huawei routing BE3 Pro can easily cope with and meet the various needs of users.

In addition to the above three advantages, Huawei routing BE3 Pro has many other advantages:

On the hardware, it is equipped with four high-performance signal amplifiers to make the signal coverage farther and more stable, without fear of passing through the wall.

In software, HarmonyOS ecology brings intelligent web experience. With the addition of HarmonyOS intelligent network technology, Game Turbo can intelligently identify high-traffic scenarios of playing games, build an independent, high-priority, low-latency exclusive channel, and support intelligent acceleration for 160+ popular PC games and mobile games.

Visual intelligent diagnosis function, through Huawei Smart Life App, users can easily troubleshoot the network and achieve the "visualization" of the network status; the Wi-Fi coverage thermal map signal is clear at a glance.

Children online care function, parents through Huawei Smart Life App, can limit the length of time, games, video, social networking, etc., but also can block bad websites, develop healthy Internet habits.

At the end of writing, from Wi-Fi 4 to Wi-Fi 6 to Wi-Fi 7, Huawei's contribution rate of standard patents continues to increase, and now ranks first in the world. Through continuous technological innovation, Huawei has become an industry leader, but also continues to promote the development of the router industry.

Every technological upgrade of Huawei in the router field can have a far-reaching impact on the industry. Especially in Wi-Fi 7 technology, Huawei has achieved a leading position in the industry. Huawei routing BE3 Pro, as Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router, naturally inherits these solid and leading technological strength.

The full launch of Huawei routing BE3 Pro is the opening of a new era of Huawei router Wi-Fi 7, and will also push the router market into a new generation cycle.

With the advantage of more excellent network experience, there is no doubt that Huawei routing BE3 Pro is the first choice for Wi-Fi 7 routing.

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