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The new film "the rise of the ronin" by the Renwang team will go on sale on March 22 next year, exclusively owned by Sony PS5.

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Shulou( Report--, December 8 (Xinhua)-- Renwang production team Team Ninja announced on TGA 2023 that the new game "the rise of the ronin" will be released on March 22, 2024.

According to previous reports from, the game is exclusively owned by Sony PlayStation 5, and it is officially confirmed that PlayStation 4 is not supported.

The PlayStation store said that after three centuries of shogunate rule, the country was in a state of unrest when Western black ships attacked the Japanese border. As an ownerless samurai-ronin, pick up your blade and shape history in this PlayStation 5 open world action role-playing game.

"the rise of the ronin" is described as a "battle-centered open world action role-playing game", which takes place at the end of the 300-year-old Edo era in Japan, often referred to as the end of the curtain, in which the player will play a ronin and become a warrior without any domination or bondage.

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