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Push the industry forward to take stock of the breakthroughs and innovation brought about by Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

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In the twinkling of an eye, 2023 is drawing to a close. Looking back at the smartphone market this year, although it has picked up somewhat, it has not yet extricated itself from the overall downturn. However, with the entry of a new batch of manufacturers, the sales of folding screen categories continue to rise, continuing the strong growth trend in recent years. Among them, many new folding products are eye-catching, such as Samsung's new flagship vertical folding Galaxy Z Flip5, which has explored more possibilities through many innovative breakthroughs, raising the experience of folding screen products to new heights.

Compared with several "predecessors" of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series, the most significant evolution of Galaxy Z Flip5 undoubtedly lies in the design and function of the outer screen. The previous 1.9-inch outer screen is suitable for browsing simple information, and once complex operations are performed, the smaller display and touch area will affect the experience. In order to improve the practicability of the outer screen, Samsung equipped the Galaxy Z Flip5 with a wide-field smart outer screen up to 3.4 inches high. With enough screen space, the outer screen can naturally display more content, effectively saving the time for users to obtain information. At the same time, in addition to viewing notifications, weather, calendars and other basic functions, users are free to add more applications to the outer screen. App, such as Wechat, Douyin, Himalayas and Baidu Maps, which are inseparable from many users' daily life, can be used directly on the outer screen to gain a more colorful interactive experience. The new Nine Palace grid view allows users to gently pinch the outer screen with both fingers, so that they can quickly switch between widgets and applications, fully enjoying a convenient and efficient experience.

The upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 experience by the large-field intelligent outer screen is not only limited to itself, but also a breakthrough in a series of related functions and options. For example, users who are keen to show their personality, the novel shape of the large-field intelligent outer screen and a wealth of custom options can complement each other with the fuselage ice mint, cloud shadow gray, Xinghe white, ice rose purple and other trendy color matches. it has become a sharp weapon for them to convey style and taste. For users who often take selfies and snaps, this outer screen also increases the image shooting experience. Now when using vertical free shooting and external screen snapshots to enable post-camera shooting, users can preview the scene more clearly and completely through the large-field intelligent outer screen, so as to adjust the form of the composition or the facial expressions of the characters at any time. In addition, users can change the wide-angle / ultra-wide-angle mode or the hue of the picture directly on the outside screen, and after shooting, they can also click the Quick View button to enjoy the blockbuster that has just been filmed, adding more convenience to the creative process.

Another important innovation of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is the super-closed Seiko hinge, which is the leading technology. The interior of the hinge adopts a dual-rail integrated structure, which further reduces the number of components and enables the main screen to fit more closely after closing, which not only reduces the thickness of the fuselage in the folded state, but also eliminates the gaps between the screens. so that the phone's appearance and grip feel have been improved. Not only that, the over-closed Seiko hinge can also effectively disperse the impact of external forces and enhance the protective effect. Under the joint action of it and UTG ultra-thin flexible glass, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 has passed 700000 folding performance tests, far exceeding the replacement cycle of the average user. Coupled with strong armored aluminum, Corning ®Gorilla ®Glass Victus ®2 glass and other materials, as well as IPX8-grade waterproof properties, the durability of the phone is still the ceiling of its kind.

Of course, not only the innovation mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is also equipped with stronger performance, more advanced AI technology, more environmentally friendly materials and other different dimensional upgrades, making it another milestone in the series. In the "Best Invention of the year 2023" selected by time magazine, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 strength is on the list, which shows the affirmation of Samsung's continued innovation by industry authorities. The new year is about to begin. I believe Samsung will continue to give full play to its leading edge and provide more outstanding products for the majority of consumers.

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