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The trailer has been released, and the developer of "Olympic Day" officially announced that the new game is "malicious".

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news,"Ori" game developer Moon Studios at today's opening of the TGA 2023 awards ceremony, announced that it will launch a new game called "No Rest for the Wicked"(No Rest for the Wicked), and released a related preview.

Moon Studios, which has developed award-winning titles such as Elves and the Forest and Elves and Firefly Will, brings a new title, No Rest for the Wicked. Official Description This is an intuitive shock, delicate action role-playing game that seeks to subvert the genre. There is no official release date for the game, but it will be available on Xbox Series S.| X and PlayStation 5 consoles and PC platforms. attaches the following game description:

The story begins in 841, the year King Harrell died. His death caused an uproar throughout the kingdom, and his pompous but inexperienced son Magnus succeeded to the throne.

More unfortunately, a plague not seen in a thousand years-plague again. It sweeps the earth and drags everything and soul it touches into the abyss of decay. Madrigal Selene of the Church was ambitious and saw the plague as an opportunity to prove himself to the gods.

On the edge of the Holy Land, forces poured in, and rebel groups and provincial governments competed for power among the island's dilapidated ruins.

You are a member of the mysterious Selim, a group of holy warriors with extraordinary powers who vow to eradicate plague at all costs. However, in this barren land, you will be immersed in the sufferings of the people and involved in great political struggles, and this task will become more difficult. You will cleanse this sinful land of chaos and re-cast the destiny of the kingdom.

Brutal, accurate combat: hone your combat skills with a system that tests your discretion and strategy. Fight terrifying creatures, enemy soldiers and murderous leaders in fierce and brutal battles. Feel the weight and speed of each weapon through its unique moves. Enchant weapons with runes, forge rare armor, and create character teams that match your style of play.

Epic human saga: Uncover a deep and dark story on the desolate shores of Holy Land Island. Cunning rulers and murderous rebels compete for the throne, and at the same time, an ancient plague begins to spread across the land, turning the people into monsters.

A world of hand-painted style: Explore a lifelike painting and experience this picture-like world, carefully constructed with unparalleled detail in a unique, timeless artistic style. From the dappled sunlight of the lowland meadows to the bloodstained, meandering gloom of Nameless Pass, beauty radiates in every frame. Each new location has unique people, puzzles, treasures and secrets waiting for you to discover.

Take a break: Stop by the town of the Holy City, buy and renovate a house, and make it your warm home. Fishing by the sea, plowing and harvesting food in the fields, cooking delicacies that can restore life and improve attributes. Communicate with all kinds of vendors and villagers to restore the glory of the Holy City.

Online Multiplayer Mode: Share your world and progress with three friends in online co-op mode of the story. You can experience every quest, leader, and corner of Holy Land Island with them... Of course, they are free to take risks and do what they want.

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