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Guanyuan data strength won 2023 billion Bang Future Retail Digital Outstanding contribution Award, and one-stop BI continues to create growth value.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the 2023 billion Future Retail Conference was successfully held, which unveiled many awards, such as the Yibang Future Retail Award, the Digital Outstanding contribution Award and so on. With its leading one-stop BI products and solutions and excellent digital service capabilities, Guanyuan data has won the 2023 billion Future Retail Digital Outstanding contribution Award.

Yibang Power "Digital Outstanding contribution Award" is a platform, brand and service provider for the retail consumer industry, and an enterprise with extreme pertinence or significant contribution to the industry in the professional fields of production, transportation, marketing, management and so on. high-quality awards are selected layer by layer based on digital innovation, technological innovation, brand innovation and other dimensions.

Yibang Dynamics said at the launch of the award that only by converting technology into productivity and creating value for consumers and businesses in the retail consumption scene can it be regarded as a truly contributing technology company.

This award is the second year in a row that Guanyuan data has been recognized by the "Digital Outstanding contribution Award" in the "Yibang Future Retail Conference". Winning awards for two consecutive years is not only a long-term recognition of the technical strength and professional service capabilities of Guanyuan data products, but also a continuous affirmation of Guanyuan data's continuous innovation, leading the industry and continuing to create value for enterprise growth.

With the one-stop BI platform with the characteristics of "easy-to-use, enterprise-level, scene-oriented" and perfect solutions, Guanyuan data combines advanced technical strength and product capabilities, strong delivery ability and characteristic customer success system, on the one hand, it opens up the full link of data analysis for enterprises, solves the needs of enterprise data analysis and intelligent decision-making in all aspects, and helps enterprises to improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency. On the other hand, enable business personnel to quickly, extensively and actively use the BI platform, enhance the data driving force for enterprises, promote the construction of corporate data culture, help enterprises to advance their digital ability, and enable BI platform to generate value in enterprise business development continuously, and help enterprises achieve sustainable growth.

Since its inception, Guanyuan data has accumulated a wealth of industry best practices in the retail consumption industry, serving hundreds of Fortune 500 enterprises in the world, including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, LVMH, Sephora China, Anta, Yuanqi Forest, Honeysnow Ice City, etc., covering shoes and clothing fashion, make-up protection, food and beverage, catering, tea, mother, pet and other sub-industry customers. In the future, Guanyuan data looks forward to working with more enterprise customers to become a reliable long-term partner on the road of digital growth, helping more enterprises to enjoy the value of data.

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