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The borderline of rebirth held a press conference with Dolby Lab, which was officially tested on December 14.

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Game sound effect is often an important part of immersion for players. In order to get better sound effect, game manufacturers and players attach great importance to it. On December 7, "the Edge of Rebirth" and Dolby Lab held an immersive press conference on the dawn test at the Dolby Cinema in Vientiane Cinema in Shenzhen Bay. let's take a look at the highlights of this conference specially presented by Dolby panoramic sound.

The edge of rebirth joined hands with Dolby Lab to create an excellent game sound experience.

"the Edge of Rebirth" has received much attention since its launch, and the Dolby panoramic sound used in the game has also been widely praised, giving players a sense of space and a gripping game experience. This immersive launch is another new exploration of the immersive experience of "the Edge of Rebirth" and Dolby Labs-featured by Dolby Panorama. This time, it not only made use of Dolby panoramic sound, immersively presented the promotional film of Dawn Public Test, and the English version of the global premiere theme song "the Edge of Rebirth", but also brought "practical information" such as "the Edge of rebirth" immersive audio design analysis. let people feel the "sound magic" in the game. It is reported that this is the first domestic cinema road performance Dolby panoramic sound game conference. NExT Studios and relevant leaders and experts from Dolby Lab attended the press conference, in which Yang Jiayang, producer of NExT Studios's "Rebirth Edge" project, and Qian Youliang, a veteran audio designer, shared wonderful content.

Just as Zhang Lei, the audio design director of NExT Studios, recently reviewed the audio design and development of "the Edge of rebirth", "the Edge of Rebirth" made a little progress every day like a soldier, and persevered to gain value in the end. Not only that, "Rebirth Edge" also makes great efforts on the uniqueness and stylization of sound effects. The audio team of "Rebirth Edge" launches the pursuit of immersion sound field in order to improve the effect of sound on game experience. This coincides with the experience brought by Dolby panoramic sound. With the blessing of Dolby panoramic sound, the audio team of "Rebirth Edge" will be able to render a sound field that exactly matches the 3D scene, breaking the general 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound limit. In "the Edge of Rebirth", you can judge the position of your core control nanites by listening to the sound, and know the information of your teammates. In terms of combat and narrative, a more complete and immersive sound experience can also be obtained through Dolby Panorama.

In the "Rebirth Edge" game options, you only need to choose home theater mode, and then follow Dolby Access's instructions to configure your computer that supports Dolby Panorama Sound, and you can enjoy the Dolby Panorama game experience. There are not many domestic PC games that support 4K and Dolby Panorama. The cooperation between "Rebirth Edge" and Dolby is an effort of domestic games in the pursuit of high quality. on the one hand, this cooperation can help the studio improve the level of game production, on the other hand, it also brings a better immersive game experience for players.

The new version of Phantom Dawn is announced, opening a new chapter in the meridian.

In the three months since the launch of "the Edge of Rebirth", NExT Studios has received a lot of encouragement and tolerance, supervision and criticism from players, all of which affect the progress and development of the game. Yang Jiayang (Clark), the producer of the "Rebirth Edge" project, also expressed his thoughts on the new season and the future of the game at the press conference. Yang Jiayang has worked at Ubisoft Studios in Shanghai and Montreal for many years, and has been involved in the development of two well-known IP projects, "isolated Island Soul" and "Rainbow 6", and has rich development experience.

At the same time, Yang Jiayang also personally introduced the new contents of the S1 season of "the Edge of rebirth": a brand new map, five new BOSS such as "Eye of Phantom Light", and border weapons such as "fried spiders" and "overload". The officially predicted two-stage jump and landing jump mechanism have been put into practice. Not only that, home also came a new warrior: Amelia Escher. She was a military intelligence officer who disappeared into the meridian in search of her mother. A year later, Amelia came out of the meridian and joined her home, hoping to find the truth behind the meridian. At the same time, there was a strange illusion in the meridian. A new danger is coming.

At the same time, at the game level, the new version will also add a new challenge tower, namely tower climbing mode, where players need to pass the test of each layer under different rules of play. In the BOSS war, players do more than just sudden, the new version of BOSS skills are more complex, the mechanism is more diverse, so that your BOSS war has a soul-like experience. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the new version of "Rebirth Edge" will adjust the original 4 common fight module slots to 7, players will have more genres and build choices.

Of course, Yang Jiayang also said that there are many details that players need to continue to explore in the game in order to get the answer, hoping that players can find their own fun in the new season of "the Edge of Rebirth".

The global premiere of the theme song on the edge of rebirth-"Survive"

This time, "the Edge of rebirth" not only announced the relevant information about the new version of Phantom Dawn, but also brought the world's premiere theme song-"Survive", including both Chinese and English editions. The English theme song of Dolby Panorama Sound version was specially presented at the press conference. Not only that, players can also listen to Dolby's panoramic sound version of the English theme song on QQ Music. As a whole, the theme song is getting stronger and stronger, full of inspiring melody and rhythm, which coincides with the theme of exploring the hope of survival in Nano eschatology in the story of the Edge of Rebirth. Songs use a large number of electronic music effects, more in line with the aesthetic of contemporary players, more able to attract players to join the game.

The cooperation between "the Edge of Rebirth" and Dolby is a positive and bold attempt in the domestic PC game. In order to achieve the "immersive overall sense of hearing", the team has done a lot of exploration in the three directions of space, immersion and mixing. It is believed that this will help players better "pre-emptive strike" in the game and feel a more shocking immersive sound experience. In addition, new maps, new warriors, new weapons, new BOSS and ten-fold event gift welfare have been waiting for you in the dawn public test on December 14. I hope every warrior can get a wonderful harvest in the brand-new meridian!

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