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Microsoft releases Win11 Dev 23601 preview update: optimizing Windows 23601 Boot / Switch service

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Thanks to netizen Gin Ke, soft media new friend 2010825, EdgeOS, I am the clue delivery of shaz!, December 8, Microsoft today released a preview update of Win11 Build 23601 for Windows Insider members of Dev Channel. The new version mainly improves the Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch experience, as well as optimizes the Copilot, screen launch and other experiences. translates Microsoft's official update log, with the main updates as follows:

In the latest preview, Microsoft has brought a new dedicated mode (dedicated mode) to the Windows 365Boot, which allows users to access and launch the Windows 365Cloud PC only from their own devices designated by the company.

Users can use password-free authentication methods such as Windows Hello for Business to launch into Windows 365 Cloud PC from the Win11 login screen.

The new dedicated mode provides a fast account switch experience, helps users switch between different accounts, displays pictures on the lock and login screens, remembers your user name, and so on.

Customize the company LOGO and name in the sharing mode, the organization can customize the login page and adjust the corporate brand in the Intune.

Quick failure mechanism when logging in to Cloud PC, users will no longer wait for the login task to be started if they encounter Windows 365Boot login failure due to problems such as network or incomplete settings.

Intelligent logic actively notifies users to solve network problems or complete application settings, so that users can experience the experience of successfully logging in to their cloud computers.

Manage local PC settings using this feature, it is now easier to access and manage their local computer's sound, display, and other device-specific settings directly from the cloud computer when Windows 365 is started.

Windows 365Switch improved disconnect experience can now be disconnected directly from the local computer to the cloud computer. This can be done by going to Local computer > tasks view > right-clicking the Cloud computer button > disconnecting.

Microsoft has also added tooltips on disconnect and logout options to the start menu of cloud computers so that users can distinguish between these features.

The introduction of desktop indicators to strengthen the distinction between Cloud PC and local PC users can see the desktop indicator when switching between PC, marked "Cloud PC" and "Local PC".

Increase the connection timeout when you wait on the connection screen, you will see updates about the connection status of the cloud computer and the connection timeout indicator. If an error occurs, you can now copy the relevant ID using the new copy button in the error screen to resolve the problem more quickly.

Improved discoverability of screen casting from Windows PC to nearby PC, monitor or TV, now enhanced discoverability and improved screen casting experience.

When users perform multitasking activities on PC, such as frequently switching windows to complete tasks, or after using Snap Assist to organize screen space, we will provide screen casting suggestions by notifying Toast.

We have updated the "drop screen" float control in Quick setup to provide you with additional support in case you encounter any problems in finding nearby monitors, repairing connections, and so on.

The new widget panel settings Microsoft updates the widget settings experience, providing users with more ways to customize the widget board experience. One of the new settings allows you to display widgets only on the widget board, while the other makes it easier for you to discover how to personalize your feed content.

The new setup experience also allows you to select accounts to use for widgets and sources supported by Microsoft Start.

This means that you are no longer limited to using the account you use to log in to Windows to drive these experiences, just like the widgets supported by other applications.

You can navigate to the "Microsoft Start" setting under the "personalize your content" section of the widget board settings to easily manage the accounts used by Microsoft Start.

This change allows you to further personalize the experience according to your preferences. The experience of the new settings is not limited by region.

Change and optimize [routine] starting next week, devices that upgrade Dev channels to Build 23601 will reinstall Windows Configuration Update (KB1234567).

Windows Configuration Update is Microsoft's CFR technology based on controlled features, which is used to update new features.

Windows Configuration Update (KB1234567) will not enable any new features, mainly testing the service pipeline.

[Copilot in Windows] Microsoft is trying to use Windows preview to experience members' ability to "undock" Copilot in Windows. Simply click the new icon to cancel the Copilot panel in the upper-right corner of the title.

When undocked, the Copilot can be displayed above or below other applications in the Windows while maintaining its fixed position on the desktop. This allows users to access Copilot while minimizing interference with the activities of other users.

[Windows Share] the Windows sharing window now supports sharing to WhatsApp under the "sharing usage" section.

[Nearby Sharing] you can quickly assign a more friendly name to your device to identify nearby shared devices under Settings > system > nearby sharing.

[narrator] narrator users can now use voice access to open applications, dictate text, and use voice to interact with elements on the screen. Narrator users can use voice access to issue commands to the narrator. For example, "speak faster", "read the next line" and so on.

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