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Sadie consultant: "2023 reference Research report on PC selection of key Industries in China"

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Shulou( Report--

With the continuous progress of the construction of digital China, the digitization of office scenes has become an inevitable trend, and the penetration and integration of PC in key industries are constantly improving. Especially in recent years, the demand space for PC in industries such as energy, education and the government continues to expand, and the proportion of commercial PC is expected to increase.

In order to explore the basic requirements and characteristic requirements of key industries for PC indicators, reasonably evaluate the comprehensive performance of China's key series of PC products, and provide scientific reference for PC selection in key industries. Sadie Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center compiled the "2023 reference Research report on PC selection of key Industries in China", which was released at the 2023 Industry Information Technology Application and Innovation Conference on November 3, 2023.

I. Market scale: the demand space will continue to expand, and the market is expected to resume growth.

In 2022, the global economic development slowed down, superimposed by the raw material supply crisis, the decline of consumer purchasing power and other factors, both supply and demand showed a weak trend, PC shipments declined sharply, a year-on-year decline of up to 10.0%. In the future, under the influence of the continuous promotion of digital economy strategy, the dividend of digital transformation will benefit small and medium-sized enterprises. In the future, online scenarios such as online meetings, telecommuting and data cloud of small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to enrich, and the working mode of multi-scene collaborative work will stimulate the rapid increase of small and medium-sized enterprises' demand for PC. PC shipments in China are expected to exceed 55 million units in 2025, an increase of 8.5 per cent over the same period last year.

Figure 1 PC shipments and growth in China in 2019-2025 (data source: Sadie consultant 20235.11)

Second, the evaluation system: comprehensively considering the diversified needs of the industry, constructing a six-dimensional selection and evaluation system

In order to excavate the basic requirements and characteristic requirements of PC indicators in key industries, reasonably evaluate the comprehensive performance of current key PC series products, and provide scientific reference for PC selection in key industries. Following the principles of scientific, reliable, objective and operable, according to the requirements of enterprises for the "availability" and "ease of use" of PC, and comprehensively considering the characteristic needs of different industries and different application scenarios for PC, the evaluation system of PC selection is constructed.

Fig. 2 Evaluation system model for PC selection (data source: Sadie consultant 2023511)

The PC selection evaluation system includes six first-level indicators: performance, stability, flexibility, safety, use cost and sense of experience, and there are three second-level indicators under each first-level index:

Fig. 3 Index of evaluation system for PC selection (data source: Sadie consultant 2023511)

Third, PC selection analysis of important application scenarios in key industries: stability is generally highly concerned, and different business requirements vary greatly.

The report uses PC selection and evaluation system to evaluate the requirements of typical application scenarios in current, education, telecom operators, energy, government and other key PC industries:

Figure 4 results of PC selection analysis for typical application scenarios in key industries (data source: Sadie consultant 2023j11)

The two major industry counter service application scenarios of operators: this scenario has the characteristics of many types of services and miscellaneous, and many peripherals. And because counter services need to face customers directly, the processing speed, fluency and stability of business processing will be magnified. Therefore, the stability and flexibility of PC are required. Smart classroom application scenario in education industry: smart classroom scene has the characteristics of large amount of data, need to play a large number of multimedia files and so on. Therefore, there are high requirements for the performance and stability of PC. Energy industry monitoring application scene: energy monitoring application scene has the characteristics of high clarity, continuous monitoring and large amount of data. Therefore, there are high requirements for the performance and stability of PC. Government daily office application scene: daily office scene mainly includes document sending and receiving, document writing, report filling, office system platform operation and other business, generally do not have high requirements for performance, higher requirements for stability. Compared with the daily office scenes of other industries, the government has higher requirements for security.

IV. Evaluation of major domestic commercial PC products: different series of products have their own bright spots, and performance and safety are the main power points.

In order to understand the comprehensive capability of major domestic commercial PC products, the report selects the main domestic commercial PC series, such as Zhongke controllable Suma "Tiankuo" series, Lenovo "Kaitian" series, Huawei "Jingyun" series, Ziguang "UNIS" series, Great Wall "Shiheng" series and so on, and evaluates them by using PC selection evaluation system.

Fig. 5 Comprehensive capability evaluation of major domestic PC series products (data source: Sadie consultant 2023jue 11)

Fig. 6 hexagonal score of major PC series products in China (data source: Sadie consultant 2023j11)

Through the evaluation, it can be found that Zhongke controllable Suma "Tiankuo" series PC products have excellent performance in performance, safety and sense of experience, with an average score of 4.48points and ranking first in comprehensive strength. Lenovo "Kaitian" series of products have excellent performance in use cost and performance indicators, and good flexibility, with an average product score of 4.41. Huawei's "Qingyun" series performed well in safety indicators, with an average product score of 4.26.

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