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Excellent Design + innovative function Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 empowers exquisite life

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Shulou( Report--

Pushing through the old and bringing forth the new and innovative design has always been the secret of Samsung's standing in the smartphone field. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 folding screen phone launched this year fits this concept. It not only has a bold and innovative design, which makes the fuselage thinner and more beautiful, but also unlocks a series of unique experiences through the coordination of vertical folding form and multiple functions. it has become a magic weapon for users to show their personality and enjoy the quality of life.

Elegance is never out of date, and good-looking designs always attract more attention. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 still uses a series of classic palm folding designs, exquisite and compact as a work of art. At the same time, the brand-new super-closed Seiko hinge reduces the thickness of the fuselage in a completely closed state by 2mm compared with the previous generation, and realizes the seamless fitting of the inner screen, making the whole machine look more integrated, and the beauty and holding comfort are also increased.

In the moment of justice, the outer screen of the small folding model still has a lot of room for improvement, and users have high hopes for it, looking forward to a more useful and practical experience. In the past, the outer screen of the vertically folded mobile phone can only view information, weather, time and other simple content, but if you want to use it further, you must expand the inner screen. In many cases, it increases the time cost of users and reduces the efficiency of life. Samsung broke the bottleneck by bringing the Galaxy Z Flip5 a wide-field-of-view smart outer screen up to 3.4 inches. In addition to basic information viewing, it can achieve a lot of content that can only be experienced on the inside screen in the past. For example, use full keyboard input to reply to messages; in the spare time of busy fragments, open App such as Douyin on the outer screen to watch a short video; when you go out to play, use the outer screen to open Amap to navigate. The addition of more widgets and third-party App brings users a more convenient mode of operation, so that this large-field intelligent external screen plays a more important role in everyone's life.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5's wide-field smart outer screen is also an excellent window for users to show themselves. It provides a wealth of customization options, by adjusting wallpaper, clock, font style, etc., users can customize the interface of the outer screen, integrate their own personality and taste into the phone, and get rid of sameness.

In addition to the outstanding design and super-high appearance, another major advantage of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a further extension of the game. For example, using the outer screen preview and the rear camera to take snapshots of the outer screen can be enabled when the phone is closed without expanding the inner screen. it is simple and quick to use, and high-quality selfies and snapshots can be completed instantly. The vertical interaction mode derived from the multi-angle spin-stop function makes the machine experience more flexible and free. Unfold Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to an appropriate angle, and then put it on the desktop and platform, you can achieve hand-free shooting, watching movies, video calls and other operations, allowing users to give up brackets, selfie sticks and other inconvenient tools to enjoy smart, comfortable and convenient and efficient experience.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 still has a flagship configuration, which is not only equipped with top hardware such as the robust second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy) and second generation dynamic AMOLED inner screen, but also has durable solutions such as armored aluminum, Corning ®Gorilla ®Glass Victus ®2 glass and IPX8 waterproof performance, all of which ensure that users can enjoy a better mobile experience.

The progress of science and technology can always merge into the rivers and lakes of the user experience, and every forward-looking and leading innovative design of Samsung can always become a warm product close to the reality. Samsung Galaxy folding screen products have gone through five generations and have become extremely mature at the design and functional level. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 relies on innovation and upgrading in various dimensions, empowers users' exquisite life with internal and external experience, and becomes a great right-hand man around people.

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