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The joint construction of Hongmeng ecological talents starts in an all-round way, igniting the engine of digital innovation.

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On December 6, sponsored by the Management Committee of Tianjin Economic and technological Development Zone, the first Digital economy Forum with the theme of "igniting the engine of digital innovation to create new productivity of Binhai quality" came to a successful conclusion. At the forum, the joint construction of Hongmeng ecological talents was launched in an all-round way, and Huawei developer Alliance, Chuanzhi Education and Tianjin Economic Development District Human and Social Bureau reached cooperation on the joint construction of Hongmeng ecological talents.

The relevant responsible person said that in the future, Tianjin Human Resources Service Industrial Park (Bincheng Park) will be used as the carrier to build a talent sharing training base for teachers and students of colleges and universities, enterprise employees and relevant units across the country to carry out special training on theoretical literacy, vocational skills and management improvement, and constantly explore the construction of Hongmeng ecological talent training system. More than 300 representatives, including government departments, attended the meeting on the spot.

On September 25, Huawei announced that the new HarmonyOS NEXT was ready to launch. Since Hongmeng's native application was launched in an all-round way, enterprises and developers in many fields, such as travel, social networking, and so on, have announced one after another to join Hongmeng Ecology, forming a prosperous scene of "Hongmeng with thousands of sails". With Meituan, Sina News, Nail, Xiao Hongshu, bilibili, Amap and other leading Internet enterprises accelerate the layout of Hongmeng native application development, Hongmeng talent reserve has a higher demand.

At the forum, experts from Huawei developers Alliance introduced in detail the achievements and models of Hongmeng's ecological talent construction and the learning path of Hongmeng's courses and technologies. "the openness and inclusiveness of Hongmeng's native applications attract more and more enterprises and developers to join," he said. "this prosperity is the result of the joint efforts of universities, institutions and ecological partners. As of September this year, Hongmeng Ecology has attracted more than 2.2 million Hongmeng developers, Huawei has partnered with more than 300 universities across the country, and Hongmeng has more than 150 industry-university cooperation projects." Huawei developers Alliance School, as the official enabling platform of Hongmeng Ecology, has created rich and systematic courses around HarmonyOS. Through one-stop service of learning, training, examination and certification, Huawei developers can systematically learn HarmonyOS courses from scratch, help developers master HarmonyOS application development knowledge and improve their ecological skills.

Talking about the construction of Hongmeng ecological talents, he stressed that by working closely with universities, institutions, and enterprises, jointly formulating talent training programs, providing practical teaching resources, and holding various technical competitions can stimulate the enthusiasm of developers, enhance Hongmeng's development capacity, and better meet the needs of enterprises for Hongmeng ecological talents. As of August this year, Huawei has held more than 3.5 million participants in various Hongmeng developer activities.

Wang Ping, president of the higher education department of Chuanji Education, a vocational education institution that is employment-oriented and trains scientific and technological talents, said: "more and more enterprises will enter Hongmeng Ecology. This will also trigger round after round of Hongmeng's battle for high-end professionals. Wisdom Education has already launched the Hongmeng Development system course in the teaching curriculum, which has attracted many cutting-edge developers to join in the development of HarmonyOS applications. In the future, wisdom education will closely focus on the post demand of Hongmeng ecological talents, carry out standard construction, deepen the integration of industry and education, and cooperation between schools and enterprises, form a multi-level and three-dimensional Hongmeng talent training system, and enhance the reserve of Hongmeng ecological talents. "

Huawei is actively bringing together the government, universities, enterprises, industry organizations, developers and other forces to create a new ecology of "everything is served and everything can be shared" and open a new chapter in mobile application ecology. In Hongmeng's world, there is no fence, only joint irrigation. In the future, we hope that more universities, empowering institutions and developers will join us to build a more inclusive, open and innovative Hongmeng world.

To learn about HarmonyOS development courses and obtain professional competency certificates, you can search and visit the official website of Huawei developer Alliance.

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