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Pingdingshan City presses the "acceleration key" for the construction of digital government to create a solid "cornerstone" of e-government external network.

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In the "guidance of the State Council on strengthening the Construction of Digital Government" issued by the State Council in 2022, it was emphasized that we should "integrate and build a reasonable structure, intelligent and intensive platform support system, and appropriately advance the layout of relevant new infrastructure." comprehensively consolidate the foundation of digital government construction. As for the construction of digital government, the external network of e-government is an important cornerstone.

At the same time, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of documents such as the notice on promoting the Transformation of the sixth Edition of the National E-Government Extranet Internet Protocol (IPv6), and earnestly strengthen the important supporting role of Pingdingshan e-government extranet to government services, the IPv6 construction of e-government extranet has also become one of the key goals of upgrading.

Strengthen the construction of e-government external network and improve the level of e-government in an all-round way

Pingdingshan City, known as "Central Plains Coal Capital" and "Eagle City", is an important energy city, chemical city and tourist city in Henan Province and even the whole country. With the continuous improvement of the e-government level of Pingdingshan Municipal Government, the related government business is also increasing, and the existing core equipment and network architecture can no longer meet the current business needs in terms of speed and efficiency. At the same time, the upgrading of business and the advanced demand in the future are also driving the upgrading of Pingdingshan e-government external network, which puts forward higher requirements for the high performance, high reliability and advanced nature of the network:

First of all, the e-government external network of Pingdingshan City carries a number of work networks, such as emergency network, judicial network, environmental protection network, earthquake network, medical insurance network and so on, as well as several e-government systems and government cloud platforms. the business systems of the whole city are gradually on the cloud, which puts forward higher requirements for the carrying capacity and business processing capacity of the core equipment. At the same time, there are more and more business applications, such as video conferencing, collaborative office, online office hall, mobile office, government hotline and so on, so that the network bearer demand with high bandwidth, high concurrency and low delay is increasing day by day. Thirdly, as the network service supporting the public service, the network construction is complex and the peak traffic is high. How to improve the security, stability and reliability of the overall e-government external network has become the top priority of the network construction demand.

Enhance the ability of network support to build a solid foundation of digital government

In order to better enhance the support of the e-government external network and create an IPv6 network support platform that meets the needs of multi-service applications of the e-government external network, the government affairs service big data Administration of Pingdingshan City chose the e-government external network solution supported mainly by the Ruijie core router RG-N8000-R series and the core switch RG-N18000 series, and completed the upgrading and transformation of the whole network IPv6. For the city to build a high-performance, low-delay, highly reliable, more advanced e-government network, for Pingdingshan digital government to build a good network cornerstone press the "acceleration key".

Core Router RG-N8000-R Seri

Architecture diagram

High performance: high bandwidth, low latency, multi-service concurrent speed

Two RG-N8000-R series core routers are deployed in the backbone network zone of Pingdingshan City, supporting high-density 100GE interfaces; and the device can achieve network slicing, so that the traffic between users can be isolated from each other, such as video, voice, online service hall, mobile office, government hotline and other real-time, high-traffic services in parallel, can also ensure that the service quality does not decline, so that the network experience is better.

High reliability: dual computers and dual links, high hardware redundancy

The core equipment is in the key position of the whole e-government external network, and its reliability is very important for the daily operation and business operation of the whole network. On the core side of the backbone network, Pingdingshan government affairs external network adopts the redundant deployment of two computers and two links, that is, two core switches and two core router lines form a "dual activity" to support dynamic link aggregation (LACP) dual-line docking with provincial networks and district and county cores to achieve data loading balance. This architecture can not only improve the service performance, but also enhance the reliability of the overall network. When there is a problem, a device can be switched without perception in millisecond, which can meet the requirements of network security and other guarantees.

More advanced: IPv6 transformation to meet the needs of business evolution in the next 8-10 years

Device level: currently supports wire-speed forwarding capability of 800G per slot. Thanks to the orthogonal CLOS architecture of RG-N8000-R core router, 8 service slots can support smooth evolution of large capacity in the future. For the e-government external network with rapid business development and increasing data traffic, the equipment can meet the business needs of the next 8-10 years, enhance the future availability of the equipment, and protect the overall equipment investment with strong performance characteristics.

Technical level: after the transformation and construction of IPv6, the e-government external network has constructed a new architecture of IPv4 / IPv6 coexistence, realized dual-stack operation, satisfied the simultaneous online of IPv4 / IPv6, provided a smooth transition period for terminal and business upgrading, and created an IPv6 network support platform to meet the needs of multi-service application of e-government external network. At the same time, the transformation adopts SRv6 on the technical route, realizes the carrying capacity of the e-government network, makes the network flexible and scalable, reduces the difficulty of initial deployment and later upgrade in a more concise deployment mode, and provides stronger security for business support.

"this upgrade will effectively enhance the IPv6 technology application, business support and security capability of Pingdingshan e-government extranet. It provides a safe and efficient government service network platform for the transformation and development of government governance and public services."

-- Zhang Liushuan, Deputy Director of big data Administration Bureau of Pingdingshan City

The upgrading and transformation of Pingdingshan government external network is a practice of Pingdingshan municipal government widely applying digital technology to government management services. Through technology enabling business, it improves and enhances the carrying capacity of e-government external network, enhances its support for the digital and intelligent level of government performance, and also better improves the efficiency and coordination ability of digital government business, and tamps the network base. Improve the quality of public services.

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