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Offline flash + online TikTok marketing, Nativex helps iqiyi "07:00 auspicious" go out to sea 1 billion + exposure

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Recently, Nativex successfully created an integrated marketing campaign for Aiqiyi's ancient costume fantasy series "Seven Hours Auspicious" through TikTok online topic promotion and offline flash activities, gaining more than 1 billion total exposure in Thailand, and significantly improving the conversion of products such as advanced on-demand and member payment.

As the world's fifth-largest online video platform, iQiYi International Edition (iQIYI) has 37 million monthly live users and 24 million social media fans. Since 2019, it has actively entered the Southeast Asian market, especially Thailand, where there is a large fan base for Chinese dramas. "Seven Hours Auspicious" is a light comedy ancient costume fantasy series launched by iQiyi this year. After gaining popularity and popularity in China, in order to quickly open overseas markets and acquire new users, log in Thailand iQIYI.

Online brand challenge activities to create a national "Xianxia fever"

It is understood that Nativex helps iQIYI target young people interested in Chinese episodes and Chinese culture on TikTok platform in order to gain insight into the audience of the series. Through iQIYI official number with Hashtag #

In addition, in order to further open up the topic, Nativex combines the story line and character characteristics of the series to create an interesting interactive test for "Seven Hours Auspicious"-"Who will you become in the next life?" "With Thailand's local popular BGM, invite people to create on TikTok platform, triggering a wave of follow-up shooting by the whole people.

"Who will you be in your next life? "Interactive testing

Offline flash marketing to further realize crowd innovation and transformation growth

In addition to online marketing campaigns, Nativex also supported Seven Seasons in Bangkok, Thailand with offline flash events. Create an immersive experience by incorporating showcases and interactive entertainment areas with episode elements, enabling fans to get a closer look at Seven Hours Auspicious and the iQIYI platform.

Local people participate by sharing event vlogs and interacting with live fans to motivate fan groups and bring more attention to the event. In order to further enhance the fan interaction sense, the event site set a time-limited punch card task. Participants can get ice cream and cold drinks for free by taking photos under any set and posting content with play-related topics to social platforms such as TikTok and Twitter.

Bangkok flash event site photos

It is reported that this marketing campaign helped "Seven Hours Auspicious" gain more than 1 billion exposures in the Thai market, driving the transformation of products such as advanced on-demand and subscription of members, as well as the promotion of iQIYI platform popularity and user scale in Thailand market.

In this marketing campaign, Nativex customized an integrated online and offline marketing strategy for iQIYI. From accurate audience positioning and advertising strategy formulation, to localized creative content production, and then to people promotion, effectively enhance the emotional link between brand and audience, quickly accumulate sound volume and public praise for the series, and expand market influence.

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