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The "2023 New Power Map of China's Digital Technology" has been released to create a guide for digital managers' digital technology selection.

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Shulou( Report--

"2023 China Digital Technology New Power Map (third Edition)", jointly studied by brocade experts, Digital Industry Innovation Research Center and Chief Digital Officer, was released at the 2023 China Digital Annual meeting on December 7.

Under the background of vigorously developing digital economy, accelerating digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and promoting the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, in order to show the ecological map of digital technology industry in a more comprehensive way, at the same time, it provides digital managers with a guide for the selection of digital technology, and provides a frame of reference for digital technology service providers. "China's New Power Map of Digital Technology" arises at the historic moment.

Digital technology is changing our work and life at the same speed as before. The promotion and application of digital technology requires new thinking, the exchange and collision of new methods and new platforms, and it is particularly important to inject "new power". Only with the continuous emergence of innovation can the digital transformation never stop. This is the original intention of the name "New Power Map of Digital Technology".

The "2023 New Power Map of China's Digital Technology (third Edition)" was revised and optimized again by the research team and more than 20 domestic digital experts in various fields for six months through data research and interviews with enterprises and experts on the basis of the second edition.

The third edition of the atlas makes a further inventory of more than 5000 digital technology products on the market. The research involves many dimensions, such as user word-of-mouth, market share, scientific and technological innovation, business growth, investment and financing popularity, brand influence and so on. By referring to the national standard classification, the atlas studies the application scenarios of digital technology, combined with the investigation of the sources of digital technology and the inventory of more than 5000 digital technology products in China, which is divided into 8 categories and 152subdivisions, including 1928 mainstream digital technology. it involves nearly 1500 digital technology service enterprises.

As a think tank and service platform in the field of digital transformation, brocade experts hope that the "New Power Map of China's Digital Technology" will provide value for three types of people: the first category: the application of digital technology, that is, front-line managers and practitioners of digital transformation. The map provides necessary selection guidelines and work references for CIO, CDO and business digital managers. The second category is the provider of digital technology, and the atlas will serve as the industry coordinate system of digital technology service providers, and being included in the atlas means that it has a competitive advantage in the subdivision field and gets more attention from market applications and researchers. the third category is the digital transformation investors and policy makers, who can provide decision-making reference for investors or decision-makers through the map.

"2023 China Digital Technology New Power Map (third Edition)" has been widely concerned by the industry after the release of the 2023 China Digital Annual meeting. The atlas contains eight categories: basic software, supporting software, general application software, industry application software, information security, industrial Internet, information transmission and IT infrastructure. The 152 segments include operating system, database, iPaaS, authentication services, low code platform, OA, ERP, human resources management, CRM, finance and taxation management, network and border security, terminal security, data security, cloud procurement platform, 5G, satellite Internet, Internet of things and more than 10 industry applications.

Compared with the second edition, the subdivision fields of AIGC and meta-universe are added this time. The new subdivision areas include algorithm model, model hosting, AIGC tool layer, digital creation, public service, immersion interaction and so on. A number of more representative enterprises have been excavated to more accurately help digital technology users, digital technology providers, digital transformation investors and policy makers in the industry to quickly and comprehensively understand the pattern of digital technology industry. help the digital transformation of enterprises, and inject "new strength" into the digital transformation of enterprises.

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