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The measured exposure of the M9 chassis shows both comfort and driving control, which can be called the art of walking.

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Recently, a video of the road test of the M9 cross-country site went viral, once again pushing the flagship of this technology to the commanding heights of public opinion. Amazed, the majority of netizens have the same doubts: why can a full-size new energy SUV with a weight of more than 2.5t, a car length of more than 5m and a wheelbase of more than 3.1m be so flexible in the face of extreme cross-country environments such as washboard roads, muddy roads and shell pits?

It has to be mentioned that after cool techs, such as smart driving, intelligent cockpit, smart car carrying light and so on, Huawei has once again extended its hand into a new field, bringing a new Turing smart chassis. Asking about the high probability that the M9 is already on the chassis system, I have to say that the performance of this technology flagship is really waiting to be seen.

Today, let's make an objective analysis based on the scene in the video: what is the height of the Turing smart chassis carried by the M9? Can it be called another milestone for Huawei to lead the industry again?

Integrating wisdom into the chassis, M9 is more than just a technology flagship.

First of all, I have to admit that the word "Tuling" has revealed a lot to you. Among them, the word "way" originally means road. In addition to expressing cleverness and intelligence, the word "Ling" can also reflect the flexible and agile posture of the vehicle when driving. The combination of the two, just from the naming, Huawei will inject wisdom into the chassis to intelligently control the performance of the original design intention incisively and vividly.

So where is the intelligence of Turing chassis? The core revolves around three levels: intelligent perception, intelligent regulation and intelligent collaborative control. First of all, through the multimodal fusion sensing system, the intelligent sensing and prediction of road condition and body attitude can be carried out in advance by using cameras, lidar and other sensors of the intelligent driving system.

Based on the accurate road perception results, the real-time control and intelligent adjustment of torque are carried out by using HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system. At the same time, through the HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body cooperative control system, the driving, braking, steering and suspension of the car can be controlled centrally, and the mechanical quality can be brought into full play with AI and software capabilities, and finally achieve a better driving, safe and comfortable driving experience.

Specific to the scene, take the muddy road and gravel road in the video as an example. When the traditional chassis has come into contact with the uneven road surface, there will be immediate feedback, and then relative adjustment, the whole process appears to be "hindsight", not only slow response speed, but also very low control precision.

At this time, the multimodal fusion perception system carried by the interface M9 plays an important role. As the core component of Turing intelligent chassis, multimodal fusion perception system undertakes the important task of perception and vehicle intelligent control. It covers two key components, one is vehicle state awareness (iVSE), and the other is road preview (RSS).

Among them, the road preview system with its own discerning eye can scan the road ahead in real time through the front camera and lidar, and when it encounters undulating or broken road changes, it will transmit the information to the electronic control unit in real time.

At the same time, the new iVSE vehicle state intelligent sensing system can accurately measure and calculate the vehicle state, including vehicle speed, wheel speed, steering wheel angle and so on.

As the saying goes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you can fight a hundred battles without defeat. The multimodal perception system carried by the M9, like knowing the "answer" in advance in the examination, is aimed at a variety of complex road environments and accurate perception of vehicle posture, which provides a solid foundation for subsequent HUAWEI DATS and xMotion systems to intervene and adjust.

Compared with the ordinary CDC shock absorber of the traditional chassis, the driving comfort and handling stability brought by the M9 are rolling grade, which is the core charm of the intelligent chassis.

Intelligent perception is only the first step ahead of the Turing chassis. After foretelling and predicting the road environment and body posture in advance, the HUAWEI DATS system will intelligently adjust the motor torque according to the information feedback and different scenes in order to reduce the sense of confusion and impact when the vehicle passes through the uneven road.

In the cross-country process, taking the cross-axle and wet-slippery sections as an example, the torque distribution ability of the vehicle is tested under this condition. The traditional fuel vehicle power distribution process is tedious, from the engine to the gearbox, and then through the transmission shaft to the tire, it will inevitably cause kinetic energy consumption. At the same time, due to structural reasons such as mechanical four-wheel drive, the torque control of traditional fuel vehicles is not accurate.

Taking the intersecting M9 as an example, its multi-motor layout itself has an inherent advantage in reducing power loss. At the same time, under the blessing of HUAWEI DATS system, the response delay of intelligent torque distribution is reduced to 4ms, which is 100 times higher than that of traditional fuel response. it can get out of difficulty faster and drive more freely in the case of road fluctuation causing wheels to take off.

Moreover, when the vehicle is under-steered or oversteered unexpectedly when entering and leaving the corner, the HUAWEI DATS system can also help enhance the lateral force, restrain the body roll posture, reduce the risk of tail flick, further improve the controllability and safety of the vehicle, and make the driving feel more at ease.

In addition, in order to further strengthen the intelligent control of the car body to cope with more complex driving scenes, the M9 is also equipped with HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body cooperative control system. To put it simply, we can understand xMotion as the "intelligent brain" of the vehicle's power performance, which can carry out central cooperative control of the car's electric drive, braking, steering and suspension, achieving intelligent regulation and precise control, and reducing the sense of bumps and impact in the process of driving and braking.

Specifically, its ADC adaptive vibration control technology can intelligently adjust damping, enhance the vibration filtering capacity and enhance the driving experience. The vibration and impact caused by vehicles passing through different roads are also different. For example, when passing through an one-sided bumpy road, the wheel vibration and suspension shaking are concentrated on one side of the body. When passing through the continuous macadam pavement, it is easy to produce continuous suspension impact and wheel vibration.

Therefore, ADC technology first accurately identifies the speed reducer, pits and road bumps through multi-data fusion such as wheel end acceleration, wheel speed and suspension sensors. After that, based on the results of accurate road perception, collaborative control of road conditions in multiple scenes, such as front and rear axles, left and right wheels, is carried out to enhance the vibration filtering capacity of the chassis, so as to enhance the driving experience.

In addition, ICB intelligent comfortable braking technology, through intelligent dynamic adjustment to achieve accurate pitch control, fine prediction of damping demand, multi-scene, real-time active adjustment of damping force, so that the acceleration does not raise the head, the brake does not nod, to achieve a more comfortable braking feeling and alleviate carsickness.

All in all, with the support of Turing intelligent chassis, M9 shows a very strong cross-country ability in the video, no matter in terms of vehicle passability, stability, and difficulty-free ability, it is worthy of netizens' expectations for this "science and technology flagship".

Millions of luxury cars are fully equipped, and large cars can be easily driven.

In terms of intelligence, Turing chassis can be said to be one generation ahead of the whole industry, while in terms of hardware strength, M9 is also far ahead. Under Huawei's "stacking" at all costs, the M9 has been awarded the title of "Top Ten chassis" by the China Automotive Research Institute. This mainly comes from the all-aluminum alloy chassis used by the M9, which reduces the weight by about 30% compared with the traditional steel chassis, which makes the handling performance easier and really realizes the characteristic of "big car is easy to drive".

In addition to being lightweight, the M9 is equipped with a closed air suspension system. Different from the traditional air suspension, the closed air suspension carried by the M9 has the characteristics of high adjustment response time, low energy consumption and high integration. It is understood that the adjustment speed of the M9 air suspension is 30% faster than that of the traditional air suspension. In the video, we can clearly see that the M9 can quickly lift the chassis and climb up the steep slope without having to worry about the bottom.

In addition, it can also be seen from the video that the boundary M9 can also be resolved well in the face of the fine bumps caused by the gravel section. In addition to the shock absorber performance improvement brought by the air suspension, it comes more from the CDC electronic shock absorber equipped with the whole system of M9, which has the advantage of being able to adjust the damping of the shock absorber in milliseconds, so as to ensure that the pitch and posture fluctuation of the vehicle are stably controlled, ensure the comfort of driving is consistent, and keep the car body stable at all times.

You know, all-aluminum chassis, air suspension, CDC electronic shock absorbers these configurations were mainly concentrated in Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW X7, range Rover and other million-class luxury SUV, and as the pre-price of 500000-600000 yuan of the boundary M9, the above chassis hardware facilities of "full acceptance", also let it have the strength of leapfrog competition.

In the era of traditional fuel, we often say that the engine, chassis and transmission are very important. In the era of new energy, the three major pieces have become batteries, motors and electronic controls. It is not that chassis performance is no longer important, but that it is forgotten by "selectivity".

The reason is very simple, the quality of the chassis texture is closely related to the technical background and stacking determination of the whole car factory. Not every brand has the ability, and at the same time, they are more willing to devote themselves to training a good chassis that users can call comfortable, easy to open, and safe.

Why is Huawei leading the industry standard? The reason is also simple: Huawei always puts user experience first, so that cool techs can really solve users' pain points and bring users a smarter, more convenient and more comfortable intelligent travel experience, rather than simply showing off their skills and muscles.

Until then, Huawei has been known for its smart cockpit and smart driving ceiling capabilities. In fact, the cool techs that Huawei has shown before is just the tip of the iceberg. As Huawei's flagship SUV interface M9, it is the best display platform for Huawei's full cool techs. With the blessing of the Turing smart chassis, the M9 not only makes the SUV more manipulative, but also gives the driver wisdom from then on.

I believe that with the launch of the M9 approaching, there will be more cool techs exposure, bringing more possibilities for the development of smart cars.

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