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Ledith Semiconductor releases a number of new hardware and software solution updates

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At the recent Ledith developer Conference, NASDAQ:LSCC, a leading supplier of low-power programmable devices, announced that it will continue to expand its product line with a number of new hardware and software solution updates. Ledith launched two new innovative midrange FPGA products based on the award-winning Ledith Avant ™midrange platform-- Ledith Avant-G ™and Ledith Avant-X ™, for general design and advanced interconnection, respectively. Ledith also released the latest version of a collection of dedicated solutions for artificial intelligence (AI), embedded vision, safety and factory automation, adding new features and functions to help customers accelerate time-to-market. In addition, Ledith released an updated version of its software tools and Glance by Mirametrix ®computer vision software.

Esam Elashmawi, chief strategy and marketing officer of Ledith Semiconductor, said: "Ledis is committed to helping customers accelerate design with higher levels of energy efficiency and performance through a rapidly expanding portfolio of hardware and software products. We are pleased to be able to further drive the growth of Ledith Avant's customers and developers and usher in the next era of innovation."

Innovative midrange FPGA

The Avant-G and Avant-X FPGA series are built on the award-winning Ledith Avant platform to provide low-power, advanced interconnection and optimized computing power for mid-range applications in the communications, computing, industrial and automotive markets.

Lattice Avant ™- G FPGA series

Avant-G Universal FPGA aims to achieve system scalability and meet a wider range of customer needs by providing seamless, flexible interface bridging and optimized computing. Ledith Avant-G devices provide leading signal processing and AI, flexible I / O, support for a range of system interfaces, and a dedicated LPDDR4 memory interface for 2400 Mbps.

Lattice Avant ™- X FPGA series

Avant-X Advanced Interconnect FPGA is designed to achieve high bandwidth and security, and its feature set can be customized to meet customer needs for signal aggregation and high throughput. The Ledith Avant-X device provides total system bandwidth of up to 1T Avant-X, a PCIe ®Gen 4 controller with hardcore DMA, and a security engine for encrypting dynamic user data, providing quantum security encryption.

Ledith Avant-G and Avant-X FPGA are now offering samples, and the newly released Ledith Propel ™and Ledith Radiant ™design software also support both devices.

Update solution collection

Ledith's solution set is designed to provide customers with hardware, software and IP toolkits tailored to their application needs, thereby accelerating customer development and product launch.

Ledith today announced updates to four solution sets, including Ledith sensAI ™for AI, Ledith mVision ™for embedded vision, Ledith Sentry ™for security, and Ledith Automate ™for automation factories. These updates include upgrading the accelerator engine to improve performance, extending IP and reference designs, adding new security features, and implementing more industry standards.

Enhance the software function

Ledith is committed to providing industry-leading, easy-to-use software tools to help customers improve their design experience and design environment. Major updates to Ledith Propel ™and Ledith Radiant ™released today include new support for Ledith Avant-G and Avant-X FPGA devices, improved ease of use of Radiant software, optimized scripting capabilities, and expanded Propel's IP portfolio.

The advanced computer vision software Glance by Mirametrix ®has also been updated to add new low-power Smart Avatar privacy features and 3D head poses to help enhance its applicability in a variety of market network edge applications.

These products will be released live at today's Ledith developer conference, and the replay video will be available on the conference website soon. The Ledith developer Conference will be held online from December 5 to 7, 2023, with a series of exciting keynote speeches, group sessions, and FPGA-based technical demonstrations by Ledith and other industry leaders.

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