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Surpassing LLama2, Tongyi Qianwen topped the list of HuggingFace open source models.

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On December 8, HuggingFace, the largest open source model community in the world, recently released the latest ranking of open source models. Aliyun Tongyi Qianqian beat domestic and foreign open source models such as Llama2 to the top of the list.

HuggingFace's Open Source Big Model ranking (Open LLM Leaderboard) is currently the most authoritative list in the field of large models, including hundreds of open source models around the world. The test dimensions include reading comprehension, logical reasoning, mathematical calculation, factual Q & A, and so on. Qwen-72B has an outstanding performance, ranking first among all pre-training models with a comprehensive score of 73.6.

Tongyi Qianqian-72B Open LLM Leaderboard at the top of HuggingFace

In early December, Aliyun announced that Qwen-72B,Qwen-72B, the official open source large language model with 72 billion parameters, achieved the best results of the open source model in 10 authoritative benchmark tests, and became the strongest open source model in the industry. Its performance surpassed the open source benchmark Llama 2-70B and most commercial closed source models, and was suitable for enterprise-level and scientific research-level high-performance applications.

Aliyun is the first technology company in China to open source and self-develop large models. Since August this year, it has successively opened up Qwen-7B, Qwen-14B, Qwen-1.8B, visual understanding model Qwen-VL and audio understanding large model Qwen-Audio, taking the lead in realizing the "full-size, full-mode" open source of large models. Several models have appeared on the list of HuggingFace and Github models, and are widely favored by small and medium-sized enterprises and individual developers. The cumulative downloads have exceeded 1.5 million, giving birth to more than 150 new models and applications.

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