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Bank of Communications launched dual APP Hongmeng native application development, joint innovation to enhance mobile financial service experience

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Shulou( Report--

On December 6, Bank of Communications and Huawei jointly held the launching ceremony of Hongmeng native application development, which fully launched the Hongmeng native application development of Bank of Communications personal mobile bank App and credit card bill bar App. As the first national state-owned joint-stock commercial bank in China, BoCom actively embraces Hongmeng Ecology and is one of the partners with the fastest development progress in large state-owned banks. In this cooperation, the two sides decided to make full use of the characteristics of Hongmeng's native applications and carry out in-depth joint innovation in key scenarios to build more efficient, intelligent and convenient mobile services for users.

As an important platform for Bank of Communications to serve customers, Bank of Communications Mobile Bank App has become the first choice for users to deal with personal needs, but also carries users' yearning for a better life. In November this year, the mobile bank of BoCom was renovated and upgraded to version 8.0, featuring "knowing wealth and enjoying life". From the perspective of customers, BoCom realized new upgrades in wealth management, life services and operational experience with the help of technology. In addition, Bank of Communications also has an exclusive credit card App-- to pay the bill, where users can not only easily handle basic business such as audit and repayment, but also meet food, shopping, entertainment and other living needs.

Qian Bin, vice president of the Bank of Communications, said during the launching ceremony of Hongmeng's native application that BoCom will practice the responsibility of "the biggest person of the country", actively support and participate in the development of Hongmeng ecology, and jointly build Hongmeng ecosystem with Huawei. Combined with Hongmeng's new characteristics, actively explore the incubation of innovative application scenarios, create a more secure and intelligent service experience, and really bring value to customers.

HarmonyOS, a distributed operating system for the full scene era, has created more opportunities for Bank of Communications and the Bar in the era of the Internet of everything. Zhu Yonggang, president of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services, said that the accession of Bank of Communications will contribute to the rapid development and improvement of Hongmeng Ecology in the field. BoCom is our important ecological co-builder and active innovator. Bank of Communications has solid and profound technology accumulation and rich application scenarios in the field. In the future, Huawei hopes to combine the features of HarmonyOS, such as panoramic scene, multi-device, efficient cooperation, and so on, so that both sides will work together to bring more quality and diversified experiences and services to consumers, so that Bank of Communications and App will become more popular service applications used by more people.

After four years of development, with the advantages of distributed technology and native intelligence, HarmonyOS has built a powerful ecological "moat". The pedestal capacity is becoming more and more mature, and a variety of differentiated experiences emerge in endlessly. Since Hongmeng's original application was launched in an all-round way, important partners in various industries have actively embraced Hongmeng, and the vigorous scene of "Hongmeng Qianfan" has been formed.

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