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Morris launched five "titanium color matching" periphery: including mobile power outlets, docking stations, etc., known as Apple iPhone 15 Pro with the same color

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Shulou( Report--, December 8 (Xinhua)-- Mormis today announced the launch of five "titanium color matching" peripherals, which it claims to be specially built for Apple's iPhone 15 Pro, using a series of models with the same color design. learned that Morris has launched "Q.MAG X Ultra-thin Magnetic Mobile Power supply", "1-World Gallium Nitride PD Global Travel Fast charge socket", "One-Link 8-in-1 Travel USB-C Multi-Port Converter", "MoVe Universal transparent Magnetic vehicle bracket, Fold Stand aluminum alloy rotary folding mobile phone bracket". The specific product information is as follows:

Q.MAG X ultra-thin magnetic mobile power supply the mobile power supply adopts matte metal body and toughened glass panel, with a USB-C two-way fast charging interface, supporting 18W input and 20W output.

Magnetic wireless charging is compatible with Apple iPhone 12-15, supports four kinds of output power of 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W, and provides three kinds of electricity: 5000mAh, 10000mAh and 20000mAh. The minimum weight is 133g and the price starts from 288RMB.

1-World gallium nitride PD global travel fast charge socket the socket has a built-in multi-function conversion pin, which can switch American, Australian, English and European regulations. It supports 120W gallium nitride USB fast charging at a price of 498 yuan.

One-Link 8-in-1 Travel USB-C Multi-Port Converter an eight-in-one docking station with two USB-C, one HDMI, one RJ45 port, one TF card reader, one SD card reader, two USB-A, and a "one button to turn off screen" button, the price is 229 yuan.

MoVe Universal transparent Magnetic vehicle bracket this vehicle bracket supports MagSafe, is compatible with iPhone 12-15 series equipment, adopts transparent panel and metal body design, and gets 59 yuan.

Fold Stand aluminum alloy rotary folding mobile phone bracket this mobile phone bracket adopts all-aluminum alloy integrated molding design, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 900g and 68 yuan. Q.MAGX ultra-thin magnetic mobile power supply 288yuan direct link 1-World gallium nitride PD global travel fast charge socket 498yuan direct link One-Link 8-in-1 travel USB-C multiport converter 229yuan direct link MoVe universal transparent magnetic vehicle carrier coupon after 59 yuan coupon Fold Stand aluminum alloy rotary folding mobile phone bracket 68 yuan direct link

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