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The first commercial distributed ammonia hydrogenation integrated station in China has been put into production.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news on December 8, according to Sinopec official account news, China's first commercial distributed ammonia hydrogenation integrated station-Guangxi Petroleum Nanning Zhenxing Energy Station has been completed and successfully put into production in Nanning, Guangxi. The distributed ammonia decomposition hydrogen production technology used in this integrated station is independently developed by Sinopec Petrochemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. noted that the integrated station uses a complete set of distributed ammonia hydrogen production technology independently developed by Sinopec, which can produce 500kg of 99.999% high-purity hydrogen every day. The scale of hydrogen production is the largest of its type, which can meet the hydrogen demand of more than 40 hydrogen-fueled vehicles, and the cost of using hydrogen is 60% lower than that of Guangxi.

It is understood that Sinopec has built more than 100 hydrogenation stations, successively in Liaoning, Qinghai, Anhui, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Fujian and other regions to carry out integrated projects of hydrogen production by distributed electrolysis of water, methanol and natural gas.

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