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Intel will exhibit CES 2024, CEO Pat Kissinger delivers keynote speech

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Shulou( Report--, December 8, Intel will participate in the CES 2024 exhibition in January next year, and the schedule has now been released. At 5 p.m. Pacific time on January 9, that is, 9 a.m. Beijing time on January 10, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger will deliver a keynote speech.

According to reports, in this keynote speech, Pat Kissinger will discuss the key role of chips and software in making artificial intelligence more accessible, providing powerful computing performance and supporting the modern economy.

Intel will release the consumer core Ultra mobile processor before the CES (December 15), so the new product at the CES event is likely to include the core 14-generation HX processor and the 65W model for the core 14-generation desktop processor on the game book, and other important content may revolve around the AI.

According to previous revelations, the core 14-generation HX series of games this processor will be the core 13-generation HX series frequency version, the i7 HX model will also add four small cores. Next year's next-generation games are expected to be released after the debut of the Core 14-generation HX series, please pay attention to the detailed report of at that time.

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