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"original God" 4.3 version "Rose and Gun" launched on December 20: add one-click exploration dispatch, with 300 original stone exchange code

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for not attacking Mo Mei, Xiao Zhan cutting, the specific consequences of the clues delivery! news on December 8, "the original God" launched the 4.3rd version of "Rose and the Gun" forward-looking special program, announced that the new version will be launched on December 20, and revealed some of the contents of the new version.

300 original stone exchange code (national service):

SEN3VLELVJV2 (100 raw stone + 10 major refined ores)

WX6JDLFLC3CN (100 original stones + 5 experience books)

WWNKULX5VJXA (100 Raw Stone + 50,000 Mora)

International service:




The exchange code expires at 12:00 noon on December 9.

Brief introduction of version:

With the Qianling Film Festival kicked off, directors, producers, actors, art directors … They all seem to be in the right place.

So, how to make the gun start at the right time, and how to make the rose open at the right time, depends on your efforts.

New content of version 4.3 attached to

Card pool:

First half: Navia (new, five stars) + Shenli Ayanhua (reengraved)

Second half: Xia Wolei (new, four stars) + General Lightning (reengraving) + curfew Palace (duplicated)

New weapon:

Two-handed sword cutting (five stars)

New holy relics:

Songs of the past

Night talk in the forest of echoes

Legendary mission:

Navia Legend Mission-- "the Chapter of the Wild Rose, Act 1"


Version of the event-- "the Rose and the Gun"

Version of the small activity-- "Arataki Jiaguang fierce fighting bug practice"

Version of the small event-"Mysteries"

Version of the small event-- "Deep thoughts on the Spirl step"

System optimization:

Add one click to explore dispatch

Interface optimization of sacred relics (screening, locking)

Nurturance optimization (roles, weapons, sacred relics-enhanced acceleration)

Secret challenges to lighten the burden

The series of tasks of "Journey to the Great abyss of layered Rock" will no longer be the preposition of the mission of the devil.

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